Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fever Back

and higher than before.

Trooping off to the doctor after work today.

At least I'm not in real pain. Just aching.

Riiiiight, I'm not making sense. Bye.

Take care take care!! The kitties need you!!
Buhhh, yes thanks. Hate being sick.

I've just woken up from a 6-hour nap and I already feel I need to go back to bed.

Nurse Doe has been very kind, cuddling up to me to make sure I get my rest.
Get well soon! Hope the kitties give you some peace so you can rest.

~5-Cat Style
Doctor Doe's advice is best sleep, sleep and more sleep.

Thats really how Cat Woman happened not some nasty kittens biting a pretty girl but a girl who slept and slept and slept. When she woke up she was Cat Woman but being cat woman meant she kept sleeping and thats about all so this is not the story Hollywood can make much out of so the rest is showbiz as they say.

Rest well and remember to take and finish your medicine.
be well soon. woman also got nasty gash from papa of all cats because he didn't take kindly to her warning him not be make unfriendly gestures to new kitty. yeah, but humans must wear their battle scars proudly :)
Uh-oh you caught the nasty bug too, eh? This strain of virus is rather hardy. Rest well and drink plenty of water, you should recover fully in one to two weeks.
Wishing you a speedy recovery...and hopefully, permanent disfigurement.
Dr. Victor (aka Tater Tot) purrscribes Fur an Purr therapy. Take two tabbies an blog us in the mornin.
5CS: It's been quite the opposite, actually... they won't stop buggin me... but that's good too cos it keeps my mind off feeling too awful.

boymouse: will do. Dang that Hollywood.

MAF: Thanks. Wow, maybe Papa was a little jealous that he wasn't the only Maine Coon at home anymore. Yes, we shall display our scars of lurve.

KMM: Yeah, it's amazing how long this fever is taking to go! I'm trying to drink as much as I can, not easy when I feel pretty woozy and nauseated with sinusitis.

auntie p: No permanent damage to the face, which may or may not be a good thing actually. ;)

victor: Oh dear only two? I'm afraid I've been overdosing, doctor...
Hope you feel better soon, all the better for the cats to attack. FAZ
Feeling better already?

I fell under the spell of the virus in early May too. Took me 2 weeks before my nose clear up completely.
Aren't you back yet? Maybe you need more tabbies an more fur an purr therapy. Be well!
faz the cat, kxbc and victor: Thank you for your concern! Yes I'm well now.

faz: I was in the UK last year visiting friends and relatives, and stayed over at the husband's friend's house at Wimbledon for a couple days. It's a lovely place.
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