Tuesday, May 08, 2007



the husband thinks it's prolly cos Pip wasn't allowed near the litter trays by the Boonie and Lucie Bully Duo

aargh arggh aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh


i am going to TAKE A DUMP
in their WATER BOWL

Shhhh shhhhh relax. Just take a deep breath.

Surely the urine can be rinsed off since it was in the sink?

I don't think taking a dump in their water bowl is a good idea. It is too low on the ground. You may hurt your back. OR the turd will splash and hwet your buttock anyway
Mine does that too if they think the cat litter trays are not clean enough; not only on the kitchen sink but also in the bedroom sink. The good news when they do that is i am able to monitor their urine for sign of UTI; Kitty was diagnosed this way.
Eh, no need to stoop to that level literally. Omigod! I just had a flash of you doing the deed! AARRGGGHHH!!!!

~5-Cat Style
Bad cat! But at least whoever did it was smart enough to do it in the sink. I would hate it if it was done on furniture, or the floor.
Better the sink than elsewhere. I heard of one male who went on the kitchen range! I think an additional litterbox in a new location may be needed. I purrfer to have two exits available from that room, the door or the cat flap.
Make sure the water bowl is not filled up with water before you do the deed. You might just overflow it and then who will clean up the floor later? Hahaha...
cat_aunty: Yeah, just that there were dishes and stuff in the sink, and now I have to convince myself that I'm not using a spoon that held cat pee once. Yuk. :P

mary: Wow, your kitties take customer feedback to a whole new level huh. :)

5CS: Eheheheheee!!! Oh the horror, the horror...

auntie p: I've had them do it on the sofa before. It's a nighmare when they get ideas in their heads.

bonnie: We're at three ginormous litter trays at the moment, which are cleaned/re-filled twice a day. What really irks me is that the litterboxes were clean when it happened!

kxbc: Yuk!!!!!!!!!!
*sigh* I just threw out a perfectly good (and expensive) laptop bag because one of my cats decided to pee all over it. I do not know which of them did it.

Needless to say, I am not pleased with any of them at this moment.
chat katze, that really is a pity. I guess washing doesn't always get rid of that awful pee smell, and there's no way you can carry a laptop bag in public if people are going to keep wrinkling their noses and giving you funny looks.
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