Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's Oh So Quiet

What does Lucie Luckystar have in common with...

A Back Alley Gas Attack by the family dog, Rusty?
Both are silent and deadly, hahaha

A few days ago, I woke up to Lucie's latest shenanigan (something other than her several-times-daily exercise of Today I Kill Pip! Tonight I Dine On Kibble! IN HELLLLLLLL!).

Let me explain.
There is a strange little ritual in this house, where Doe (who has a tricky gastric) vomits, then flattens his ears in fright and scampers off.
Lucie, who is intelligent and a neat freak, runs over to the spot and tries her darnedest (bless her black little soul) either to clean or cover it up.
Usually I beat her to it, but sometimes I'm not around and Lucie gets to try out her little camouflage strategems.

Damn, that cat is too smart for her own good.

[30/03/2007 22:09:43] JF says: hello?
[30/03/2007 22:09:56] CatDonna says: hello
[30/03/2007 22:11:02] JF says: so quiet
[30/03/2007 22:12:11] CatDonna says: like a little mouse
[30/03/2007 22:16:18] JF says: in the house with many kittens!!![30/03/2007 22:16:31] JF says: no wonder so quiet and still
[30/03/2007 22:16:34] CatDonna says: shhh
[30/03/2007 22:16:38] CatDonna says: or lucie will come
[30/03/2007 22:16:51] CatDonna says: and polly will have my tail for supper
[30/03/2007 22:17:07] CatDonna says: somekitty vomited on the table
[30/03/2007 22:17:33] CatDonna says: then it happened again, someotherkitty covered it with my tuition student's script... destroyed it

The student had to redo her assignment

[30/03/2007 22:17:52] JF says: yeah...I think anything of value we cannot leave on surfaces as there is the risk of vomit
[30/03/2007 22:18:15] CatDonna says: yeah but i dunno how the kittens learnt that cover-up trick... it's very devious!
[30/03/2007 22:18:36] JF says: natural...lions do it!
[30/03/2007 22:18:53] JF says: i saw on tv they cover up the zebra bones and stuff
[30/03/2007 22:19:28] JF says: but they cover smelly things...
[30/03/2007 22:19:33] CatDonna says: really...
[30/03/2007 22:19:40] CatDonna says: what do they use?
[30/03/2007 22:19:42] JF says: keep the bad hyenas away
[30/03/2007 22:19:46] JF says: the soil/dust
[30/03/2007 22:19:54] CatDonna says: that's DIFFERENT
[30/03/2007 22:20:12] CatDonna says: that's like litter tray etiquette... digging holes around the bones
[30/03/2007 22:20:24] JF says: ? why they dig hole?
[30/03/2007 22:20:35] CatDonna says: no i mean dig dirt and use it as a cover
[30/03/2007 22:20:58] JF says: well if they had paper there i think the lions might use it
[30/03/2007 22:22:20] CatDonna says: yeah... like, all lions have a pile of old newspapers that they keep in their store rooms, i'm sure
[30/03/2007 22:22:23] CatDonna says: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA
[30/03/2007 22:22:43] JF says: :)

Oh no the poor kid...
my cats used to try to cover up poo with rugs or whatever they cld get their paws on when one of them had an accident on the floor...
ah poo...yes Lucie even covers up Pip's poo she is such a clean girl (its not an accident when Pip does it outside the litterbox but thankfully that seems to have stopped!)...but vomit is harder to hide esp when its on a white marble floor (maybe thats why paper was used!?)
Bonnie yacks furry loud, then runs away. Then she comes back an tries to bury it; she scratches at the floor or finds sumfing she can cover it wif, like paper. Bury it so enemies can't track you.

I track it down an, well, it's mostly undigested food, so... What? I'm cleanin it up so Mom an Dad don't haf to.
Poor student. :P
Did you confess to him/her?
It used to be:
Student said to teacher: The dog ate my homework (so I can't pass it up as it's not my fault).

In this case, it's:
Tuition teacher to student: My pet cat messed up your homework (so you have to redo your homework even though it's not your fault).

Hubby in Maine? SNOW in Maine. Here's just cold and sunny, so the windows are ok. Auntie P: LOL!

●๋: ●๋:
´´´´´●๋: ●๋:
´●๋: ●๋: Luna ●๋: ●๋:
´´´´´ ●๋: ●๋:
´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋: ´●๋:
cat_aunty: Indeed. Biscuit-smelling paper is not a good thing.

anon 1: Lucie used to do that some months ago when Pip was pooing on our rug... she would run over after the deed and fold the rug on top of the poo. Argh!

anon 2: Yes, Lucie is too clever for her own good isn't she. We're gonna have to watch her closely.

victor: Teddy used to do that too! I'm not so sure if that's a good idea though? It makes good cat sense not to waste food but humans tend to think otherwise.

The husband sent me a couple pics of the snow... he says it would be knee-deep for me. Yes, I'm vertically challenged. ;)

By the way, I've replied to your comment in my previous post!

auntie p: Yeah, I confessed it, hard to deny the fact when it smells very strongly of cat biscuit! The girl is alright with it though, in fact I think she was relieved because she doesn't think that assignment was well done. :P

luna: Hi! I'm always glad to hear from you, lovely kittycat. Yes, poor girl had to redo her homework, and poor me had to clean the table!
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