Monday, April 30, 2007

Cont'd: CatDonna's Cats and the Glass of Alco DOOM

Don't be fooled by the water bottle behind this glass.
This glass, of recent date, was a vessel of the grape.
The Alco Doom.

We thought the cats wouldn't touch alcohol, but we were wrong.
Doe was caught on camera licking the last little drops off the rim.
Thank goodness the glass was otherwise empty.

Doe sleeps it off, drunken devil.

Will Boonie be similarly tempted? We find out.

Boonie takes a sniff and moves back - he'll not fall prey to the spirits.
Good boy, Boonie!

And so Boonie Blackbear sleeps the sainted sleep of the sober.

ps - At the recent dinner party, a guest saw the husband carrying Boonie and commented that he (the husband) looked like he was carrying a rather large koala bear. That's how furry and beary our Boonster's like, and that's our next post.

Hmmm Pip and Doe, really a pair of little demons!
I wonder what their parents were like, and which parent they took after.

That must be some mad cat.
Ok, gotta story for you. When the boy was about 2 or 3, the beans went to a baseball game and the man and woman got beers in plastic cups. The boy thought it was apple juice. He said, "Want appa jooz," in louder and more panicked tones. The woman kept saying, "It's not apple juice. You wouldn't like it." Finally, she gave in and let him have a tiny sip. He made a face and accused her, "That's not appa jooz!"
bonnie: LOLOLOLOL!!! Awww poor boy, he must have so shocked!
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