Saturday, April 28, 2007

CatDonna's Cats & The Crimson Mug Of SHAME

#1: Pipperina Princess

Oh ho! Water in red mug is always yummers. *lappety lap*

Hmmm... I get the feeling someone's watching.

*Quick look around* Nah, coast clear. Off I go!...

... Oh crud.

#2: JamCream Doenut

Can't believe no one else has found this juicy mug. *Slurp!*

Better take off soon though, there may be spies. *glug glug*

Hahaha and I runawayUMM UMM URR URRGGHHH.
Er, hi?

#3: Chocolate Tigress

Oh, how I love drinking in such a private little area. So cosy.
My face and nothing else.

*gentle sips* Always a lady, even in front of the paparazzi.

*Haughty twitch of tail*
Shame is for peasants.
Honestly, I don't care if I'm caught.

Ahahahaha Catdonna, you set out the mug as bait, hide in the closet and spy on your cats is it!!!

Now got stomach ache, coz laughed too much.
Heh heh, actually I didn't even need to hide. I just sat there and took the shots.

The cats generally ignore me until I make some noise and scold them or something. Then they run.

That's thick-skinned for you.
LOL! I'll try any glass left out, but I dip my paw rather than cramp my whiskers. The beans complain that I spill, but it's their own fault.

I'm also mad at my woman that we haven't been by an missed soooo much! Chocolate's haughty tail twitch sounds just like what I'd do.
bonnie: How neat and immaculate of you, just like me. I don't mind getting my whiskers squished for a little while, since I spend most of my time preening anyway.

It is most fun and perhaps one day you should try it.

The catty thing to do would be to flick your tail once - a really sharp *flickswoosh* like a whip - when you're near a bean. That way you benefit from their silly skritchies AND, at the same time, you get to slap their face.

I should know, I do it all the time.

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