Monday, April 30, 2007

Boonie. Black. BEAR. (Hug.)

"That's one large head, boy"

There's something awfully huggable about our largest housecat, Boonie Blackbear.

I don't like being hugged!

What could it be? His ticked black tabby fur? His amber eyes?
His kittenish demeanour? His soft, high-pitched meow?
The fact that, like Teddy, Boonie is... ummm, somewhat slow on the uptake?

(He's quite a fleshy, furry armful as you can see.)

Someone saw his pic once and said Boonie (and Lucie) might have some Abyssinian blood in them.
I'm not certain how true that is but I'm pretty sure one of their parents was a pedigree, which explains how the siblings are so large-built with eyes of an unusually deep amber.
(Only we don't know what breed exactly.)

Let me go

Any guesses? I'm just asking. I know very little about pedigrees.


Aiyoh so cute......*pinch cheeks*
Uhm...slow on the uptake means gong gong is it? Like my bimbo-istic foster Snowy, who is also gong gong although in a happy-go-lucky way.
i love your blog!!! it cheers me up sooo! muacks to all the cats! autnie tom
Eh, it seems no one really knows Boonie's possible pedigree. Ah well never mind.

Yeah cat aunty, Boonie is very cute and he's got a lot of cheek to pinch!

He's "gong" as you say auntie p, and he's very shy. Doesn't like to cuddle and runs to hide when visitors come. Is Snowy like that too, or is she friendlier?

auntie tom, glad to hear. :)
No idea of what may be in his genes, but he has the same build and blank look on his face that my dim-witted sissyfur Luna has. And that same "M" for "Meanie" on her forehead too.
Petey, LOLOLOL!!!

That's riiiiightttt!!!
Tupid tabbies, all dumb and dumpy!

The "M" on tabby foreheads also means "Moron", I think.
Wouldn't it be even better if it were an "L", mwahahahahaaaaaaa.

Boonie is a twit of the highest order.

Regards, Pip
ps - The woman checked out your lovely blog and swooned over, I quote, "those gorgeous kitties AND PUPPIES".
Cats, I understand. Puppies...?*shudder*
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