Friday, March 16, 2007


I am so mad.

I'd bought dried fish snackies for the cats that they, especially Chocolate, seemed quite keen on.

Night after night I'd leave it in a tupperware container on the kitchen counter; morning after morning I would find it on the floor with teeth-and-claw-marks etched all over the lid.

But no attempt had ever been successful, so I figured the sturdy tupperware was doing its job well.

This morning I left it on the study table and tonight I came back -

- to find it burst open on the floor, fish carcasses everywhere, Chocolate in the middle of it all eating for her life, and all over the room this awful pong.

I'm not sure if the smell is entirely fish or if somecat (I'm looking at you, Chocolate) got too excited and peed in the room. She does that sometimes, the pretentious tabby twit.

I can't find the source, though. Bloody frigging heck.
Argh. So tired. Don't need this nonsense.

Pip's angry too. Her cushioned basket-throne fell off the washing machine onto the floor, and the cats all peed into it. Wondering whether to wash it or throw it away.

Pip's on my lap as I type this, glaring at nothing in particular.

Somecat also peed on Polly's favourite teddy bear and made her pretty sad for a while.
Why are cats so vicious to each other?

You know what, I am getting more and more convinced that there is hidden cat pee in this room.

Doe is sitting by the computer sniffing the air. We all smell it, but nokitty's gonna say where.



Well, that's gratitude fur you! Purrsonally, I like the smell of fish, but when Mom cooked it at werk, all the ofur beans there complained.

You haf a lot of cat wee problems. Not enuf litter boxes? Not enuf territory? Too many cats? Or maybe Pip an Polly are playin pee-of-war.
goodness! is the pee war a common thg in yr hsehold? how stressful. poor u!
Pee stories! Love 'em.

Since you're a cat AND a writer we invite you to be listed in our directory. Animal Internet publishes animatorials (editorials written by animals.)

Sorry if posting this here annoys anyone. I didn't see an email address.
Poor Catdonna and Pip, you don't need this.

Get Pip a new bed and Polly a new Bear. Then mop the floor with biological cleaner so they won't pee on the same place.

Burn some lavender oil to calm everyone down.

Yikes! Somekitty's got a might enthusiastic and active bladder!

Hope you find the mysterious spot!

~The Flyer
victor: it's strange how all the pee attacks came at once, but thankfully not any more (for now). I use two gigantic litter trays and am thinking of setting up a third one, once I can find a suitable spot in my tiny flat. Altho I don't the problem is too few trays but rather, atrocious kitty anger management.

anon: It's not frequent, but happens once in a while when the cats are pissed off (pun, haha) with each other. :)

casey: Pip would love to contribute once her secretary (guess who) is free to take dictation. Thanks for asking (email addie under "view profile", btw).

cat_aunty: does lavender help cats too? I never knew. Will try it. Thanks.

Flyer: Apparently I made a mistake, it was just the odour of dried fish. WHEW. ;)
There's a rule of thumb that says one litter box PER CAT, plus one, but since when do cats haf thumbs? We haf room fur 2 in the lawndry room, but nowhere fur a 3rd an hafn't needed it. Efun Bonnie won't go that far.
victor: Yep, I know the rule and I wish I had the space for more. The guest bathroom suggests itself but I think the guests will suffer. :)

Heh heh, maybe it's time for a new and bigger place to live? ;)

Thankfully this rarely happens and just tends to all come 3 or 4 times at once, which is why I suspect it's a little game of one-upcatship that they're playing with each other. A disadvantage in a large multi-cat household I guess.
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