Monday, March 26, 2007

Wake-Up Call: The Roster

The first thing I see this morning, and almost every morning.
Today it's (L-R) Doe, Boonie and Polly.
(Some days Chocolate joins in too, when she feels like mixing with the unwashed masses.)

They basically sleep on the bed with me until:
1. the sun rises

2. the alarm rings

3. I show signs of waking up

4. Any combination of the above

Then they run over to rub their noses and whiskers on my mouth (very itchy), meow into my ear and run their paws all over my face incessantly until I get out of bed.

I used to think the cats probably needed something, so I would run over to the kitchen-cum-cat-room... and the cats would excitedly run in front of me, as if leading the way... only for me to find everything in order.
Fresh food and water present, clean litter, what's the problem?

And now you're awake, you can do the laundry

It took me a while to understand feline humour.


I'm keeping my posts short and sweet for now; the usual Epic CatDonna Posts With Ten Thousand Photos & Snarky Captions will return in a bit (they do take quite a while to do up).

This makes me happy! Working on my stuff and knowing that I'm still blogging, without too much time gone and my sanity intact. I win, yay.

ps - Coming up... Extreme Kitty Sports! Pretty Boy (Cats) Posing Provocatively! Pip Arrested on Charges of Aggravated Molest!

Hmmmm can't wait! Glad to see everything is "normal" in the Catdonna house!!

Why was Boonie squinting?
You can actually leave fresh food out in the kitchen overnight for them, and the food would still be there in the morning? I used to be able to do that, but no longer, since Snowy became the yeow gwee cat.
Our crunchies are always there, but we need Mom fur the treats. Dad gets up early, but I stay wif Mom through all 1-4. I don't get up until she's actyoully UP an wanderin round. What's that beepin fing fur, anyway? Mom keeps hittin it an goin back to sleep. I luv snugglin wif Mom as long as possible.

Bonnie sleeps in the puter room, greets Dad, but waits until Mom heads fur the kitchen to go wait fur treats.

(Dad's really grumpy in the mornin an he an Mom don't efun try to talk then)
Hey, know what I, as a cat, don't unnerstand? Why Mom goes out huntin after sayin she doesn't want to.
cat_aunty: Boonie et al had just woken up too you see... they wake up when I wake up so everything's a little fuzzy for everyone.

auntie p: I guess cos my cats were mostly rescued as kittens barely out of milk-feeding, so they've never really had to deal with a lack of biscuits. No kibble kraze here.

Although I must say Snowy's still keeping her figure despite eating so much! Boonie, despite all diets and attempts at exercise programmes, continues to GROW.

victor: You sweet thing, snuggling with your Mum. I hope you don't try to wake her up too much. Over here, Doe doesn't stop meowing forEVER.

Pip's very interested to know what your Mum hunts, and Polly wants to come along for the next one. They want to know is it bugs? 'Cause bugs are the best.
Welllll, I guess Mom hunts some bugs cuz she talks bout bugs in the data. But I's not so sure. Lotsa talk bout databases an reports, killing watts, lectricity, and cli-ants. But she only efur brings home a small puter an papers.
Oh, an no kitties can go wif her cuz she hunts wif a lergic.
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