Thursday, March 29, 2007

Teddy's Latest Photoshoot cum Personal Drama

Teddy hides behind the curtain and stares wistfully out the window.

Teddy: Momie Ladie, Tedie go's out to pway?
CatDonna: Ted, I already told you, the baby kitten lisp thingy doesn't work on me.

Teddy: (sigh) Okay, Mommy Ladie, may I play outside? The breeze makes everything so pretty!
CatDonna: You're so much cuter when you're grammatical. You see, that's why a good eduCATion is so important, hahaha.
Teddy rolls his eyes and makes no comment because he is a nice boy.

CatDonna: And anyway, it's a third-storey patio out there, and I'm not counting on you to NOT jump off the ledge chasing bugs. If you know what I mean.
Teddy: (sulking) But that was only the one time.
CatDonna: Twice actually... the other time, you snuck out while I was gardening and teetered on the patio railing, checking out the community cat living downstairs and singing him Teddy songs. That was scary.

CatDonna: It's not safe for kittens out. Come away now or you'll make yourself miserable.
Teddy: I'm NOT a kitten... okay.

Teddy sees a bee going for the basil plants and rushes back to the window.
Teddy: So cool! So cool! I can at least watch, right?

Teddy: (unshed tears in his eyes, sings a most touching song)
"Born free, as free as the something, as free as the other thing, born free to la la la laaaaaa..."
CatDonna: (pause) Let me think about getting you a harness.

Teddy abruptly stops singing after a few minutes, as he slowly realises the implications of what the Mommy Ladie has just said.


Let's see if CatDonna really does get the harness. To Be Continued!...


And just for fun (also because I like this pic a lot), here's Teddy at three weeks.
(Click on pic for enlarged version, woo hoo)
This was taken the day after he was discovered in a tightly sealed plastic bag (with three kitten siblings) that was found dumped next to a rubbish chute in Hougang.

Someone obviously didn't want this kitten and his three litter mates to survive.

Kittens this cute get dumped?
Kittens and cats getting dumped, at all?!
Some people really need an eduCATion.

ps - Yesterday I went to JB for a 2-hour massage in which I was beaten up to within an inch of my life.
I then went home and slept for 13 hours. Insomnia's gone, yay!

Someone actually dumped him in a tightly sealed plastic bag? Someone did that to kittens as cute as him? This person is horrible, may he not be dumped by his loved ones in the future!
Aiyoh, how can? So cute!!!!!
And so handsome now!!! GORGEOUS TEDDY!
Where are his siblings now?

As for the harness, GREAT IDEA!!!! Catdonna, I think both of you will enjoy it. Pip may like to try too, hmmm?
so cuteeeee......

how? your blackie one?.... when you getting?...

betcha if it's a black long hair, you sure cannot resist!!!!
Teddy you can only fly when you wear your superkitten cape! Even if you practice jumping down the back of the kitchen cupboard it wont help you. Stay home and be a good boy I am sure you will get your rewards.
mary: People like that are incredible, and I mean that in the worst sense possible. But yeah, I believe people like that will reap what they sow.

cat_aunty: Ted's beautiful siblings have all been adopted, but those were handled by another foster (my own cats were sick at the time so I had to board these at SP's place). From what I hear, all are well and very pretty.

Have a feeling Pip will HATE the harness. ;)

ksn: Husband in Maine and he tells me he's seen Maine Coones (spelling?), they're quite common and they're very beautiful. Dammit, I want. I will chew off my legs to have a black one. Argh.

anon: Teddy IS a lovely good boy and he'll get his harness soon. ;)
Teddy, you gotta way the pros an cons of the harness. I don't like wearin mine an sumtimes outside is SCARY! Bonnie useda use a harness an lead, but she'd wrap the lead round anyfing in the way an get stuck. We bof purrfur sittin in an open window.

CatDonna, Maine Coons are HUGE, but furry loveable. I fink Aminal Family has one they's permanently fosterin.

I don't like baby talk; I just nefur went to skool. I'd like to teach a lesson to the devil who put Teddy an sibs in that bag. May his/her conscience haunt him/her.
victor: The problem is our cats here can't be trusted not to run out an open window, so that's not an option I'm afraid.

I think Teddy is willing to try anything so long as he gets his sunshine and fresh air.

I think baby talk is cute, but not when my kitties use it on me to get what they want - that's devious!

Just the other day I was reading that an ancient Celtic curse rendered its victims able only to converse in baby talk. It would be fun if that could happen to Teddy's "dumper". Heh.

The Woman
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