Thursday, February 22, 2007

Trouble with Cats

I like the look on Teddy's face

Click on the pic above for a larger/clearer version.
Lucie (right) looks hilariously chilled out.


First, a kitty horror video:

If any of my cats did that to me I would have a heart attack, I think.


There's this lovely little 3-month-old black boy cat, with a bunny tail and a tiny white spot on his chest, who's up for adoption at my vet's.

His name is Peppy and when you pick him up, he melts into your hands purring away. He's quite vocal too, likes to tell me all about his day.

I want I want I want.

But he's not vaccinated and my cats are a few months overdue on their booster shots ($300 if I send all seven and my income's dropped by two-thirds since I quit, so that's why).

I'm planning to send the monsters for their boosters soon, by March hopefully (a couple cheques will be in by then).

And then... and THEN... if it's meant to be.

(Just realised that the husband may be reading this, but ah well Mr CatDonna, you can't stop me now, and he's sooo cute.)


A friend of mine was thinking of me and decided to get me a present.

So he stole a newborn ginger kitten from a stray mother who'd whelped in his house, while she was out to look for food.

Then he called me and said, "Surprise!"

What ensued was a few hours of panic attacks and tension headaches for yours truly, in between frantic phone calls and "Put it back! Put it back where you found it RIGHT NOW!" and "Ohmigod is the mother back yet? What, no?!"

Fortunately the mother returned for her baby after three hours (and half an hour before I was to take a deep breath and resign myself to two months' neonatal kitty care aka MILK AND POOP TORTURE FOR ME once more).

With friends like mine, who needs enemies?


Irrelevant but I thought it was cute.
Lucie longs to be free as a tomato.


Greedy Pip's learnt her lesson now.

She stood by the kitchen counter stealing chicken broth while I heated some soup for my dinner.
I'd turned on the stove and she was right next to the flame, but with her head in the bowl, Pip couldn't care less - despite me shoving her butt away several times and yelling at her to scoot.

Then something happened with the stove... I dunno how, but for a moment the flame whooshed outwards a bit, instead of up...

Pip wasn't hurt but a bit frightened by the smell. Of burnt cat hair.
So there's a patch of frizzy browned fur along her right side now, which I'm sure she'll lick off soon enough.
I think she's embarrassed.

i don't wanna talk about it i'm covering my ears see nyah-nyah-NYAAAHHH!!!

But at least it's not as bad as the other time little Polly JUMPED UP THE STOVE while a flame was switched on. The whiskers on the left side of her face were singed and curled up for a month. It looked like a really bad perm.
To her credit, Polly never tried that stunt again.

Polly Pocket, Gangsta Midget: getting into everything (especially trouble) since 2005

And of course. Before I forget:

Love lots

Sorry sorry Peppy but you cannot come here...

Doe will bash you senseless, so too Lucie most likely.

Teddy will knock the wind out of you with his uncontrolled play time.

Boonie might practice his bullying tactics on you and even squash you flat if he sits on you (no doubt you will try to snuggle up to his big fat warm belly)

Pip will scare you to death with her screaming attacks...or at least to hell and back.

Choc will whack your head hard and the more you hide the more she will think you enjoy it and are playing and whack you more (just ask Polly about)

and Polly well who knows what she will do she is so unpredicatable (just ask all the other kittens)

So all the best with finding a loving home but here there is lots of loving from CatDonna but not so much from the kittens
But I wanna come, I wanna come over and play, I'll be good, and I know how to get along with all the kittens I am so friendly!

Please pretty please?
haha... somehow i find this conversation (of mr cd above) soooo familiar in my household!
Dear catdonna, you don't blog often but each post is a masterpiece!

Hope Pip is ok! I don't know how burnt cat hair smells like though.

Teddy has the most precious expression, almost royal.

As for Peppy, if it is meant to be, it will be loh.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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