Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some Valentine Randomness

"Her husband's t' Aleppo gone,
Master o' the Tiger,
But in a sieve I'll thither sail,
and like a rat without a tail,
I'll do, I'll do, and I'll do."

Yep, the husband is away and will be away for some months.
This is his last nap before boarding the plane to Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.
As usual, them kittens will be damned if they let him rest.


The Ginger Gardener surveys his work

For those of you who remember that at one point I was doing some gardening...
I cultivated tomato and basil.

And very nice too, if I may say so

It's hard work, gardening


Can you feel the love?
Boonie's trying very hard to relax, even crossing his front paws in studied nonchalance.
Pip is tense and murderous. She was actually growling when I took this picture.

Teddy really shouldn't leave the watering can lying around like this.


Lazy afternoon naps for all.
I took this of Polly yesterday but wasn't in time for an unofficial Toesday post.

More toes.
Boonie always looks like he's smiling, the dear boy.

Lounging in the laundry

Pip needs her rest in the day - snuggled in laundry, warm and fresh from the tumble dryer - so she can do stupid noisy things at night like sing songs, pick fights and break plates.


The work is going pretty slow right now.

Sorry for the silence here.
Sometimes the well runs dry, not just for the blog, but the creative projects I'm working on. Bleah.
But things should be looking up soon, I hope.

Back to work!

Oh and happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Love to all,

Love is never having to say "I'm sorry, but you have to move over or I'll fart in your face"

Awwww....lovely kitties. Glad to see Pip is still the Reigning Queen. Hubby away for MONTHS!!!?? to tahan? And the cats each asking you ten times a day whereisdaddy whereisdaddyyyyyy????

BTW, lovely tomatoes! Good work, Teddy Green Thumb..erm...Paws?
cat_aunty, I'm used to the arrangement so it's not a problem... have always liked being alone for a while anyway. :)

The cats don't care so long as they get their food and toys and clean litter... monsters.

Someone peed on my bed this morning. Vengeance is in the air.
Maybe I can grow tomatoes like Teddy... if the snow efur leafs. I don't know why, but Mom's waterin can always spills on the floor if it's left out. Bonnie an I check fur water in it, an then it spills.
We hope you all had a lovely Balantine's Day! Singapore to Maine sounds like a long trip, an a huge change in weather!
Very lovely tomatoes, indeed. I tried to grow them from seeds but they didn't survive beyond a couple of months...I think there wasn't enough sunlight.

Sorry about the pee on the bed.
Have a happy lunar new year!
lovely tomatoes, so you do have green hands, cat donna. hahahaha..

par-ty, par-ty, par-ty!!! (while hubby's away)
Looks like a lot of love in that house!
victor: Happy belated valentine's! The husband says temperatures are subzero, most shops are closed, and he's next to a large nature reserve. With deer and bears and all. Hope it's not so bad where you are!

auntie p: Thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately now the cats have moved on to the occasional puke on the bed. ARGH.

ksn: I not only have green hands, I have green eyes (envious of your xena mah), and I just might choose to party by getting me a little black cat. *heh heh*

kimo & sabi: hello lovelies! I guess you could say there's a lot of love here... family love... the kind where they fight a lot. Umm. Happy belated valentine's! :)
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