Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Little Less Conversation

"Awww, why can't we all just get along?"

Currently the husband is stationed in Bar Harbor, Maine. They just missed the snow storm that's been sweeping past the east coast. He's working in a quiet town next to a nature reserve with real wild bears and stuff. He's getting fat and bored.

Our daily online conversations are deep, meaningful and intimate.
Man, I can feel my EQ rising just reading this stuff.
This is pure Cat Soup for the Soul.


[21:42:37] J**** F****** says: I is okay...no more snow here...weather says maybe jut light snow showers for us. yes of course i miss you

[21:42:44] J**** F****** says: lots and lots

[21:42:47] CatDonna says: really miss me

[21:43:05] CatDonna says: hmmm?

[21:43:33] J**** F****** says: ?

[21:43:48] CatDonna says: heheheheee

[21:44:27] J**** F****** says: what you laughing for? i simple boy i not know

[21:44:39] CatDonna says: i want PEPPY

[21:45:05] J**** F****** says: we cannot have I am afraid

[21:45:11] CatDonna says: bah!

[21:45:16] CatDonna says: then u is not miss me enough

[21:47:02] J**** F****** says: that is not true....the 7 kittens will tell you how much I miss you

[21:47:44] CatDonna says: blah!

[21:47:48] CatDonna says: u go for ur training then

[21:47:51] CatDonna says: go away!

[21:47:57] CatDonna says: to think i was so worried i wanted to go over

[21:48:04] CatDonna says: i was gonna fight the bear for u

[21:48:13] J**** F****** says: ;(

[21:48:44] CatDonna says: was gonna patch ur head up after u broke it falling down the snowy hill... like jack and jill

[21:49:09] J**** F****** says: so now you will leave me to bleed to death

[21:49:33] CatDonna says: was gonna cook nice simple healthy food for you, save u from nasty maple syrup cheddar cheese croissants

[21:49:48] CatDonna says: you can GO AND FIGHT THE BEAR YOURSELF

[21:49:54] CatDonna says: PATCH UP YOUR OWN HEAD

[22:03:06] J**** F****** says: love you lots

[22:03:15] CatDonna says: (puke)

[22:03:17] J**** F****** says: and lots...remember i is a shy boy

[22:03:28] CatDonna says: eh how is that relevant

[22:03:28] J**** F****** says: (hug)

[22:03:38] J**** F****** says: well in your blogger

[22:03:44] CatDonna says: hahahahaa tough

[22:03:57] J**** F****** says: (sweat)

[22:04:13] CatDonna says: byeeeeeeeeee

Awwww how romantic.....nice try Catdonna, just be persisitent. He might just agree to Peppy.
Plush plush Teddy!
You ish a handsome boy. *muak*
dear J*** F******

you might as well agree to Peppy. Cos I is afraid Catdonna will not let you have peace of mind till she gets herself a blackie.

ask my fat other half.

good luck!
dear J*** F******

One more cat = more litter boxes to clean.

I is evil.
Hmmm, James Farrell?? Sounds familiar leh
cat_aunty: I'll keep trying, no doubt about that. If all else fails I guess there's blackmail.

auntie p: Yes Teddy is incredibly photogenic and honestly, even these pics don't do his cuteness justice. That's why no kitty here likes him.

ksn: Oh ho ho yes! An advocate! What I need to do next probably is organise a peaceful demonstration.

kxbc: You is evil, indeed. *catty sulk*

anon: An impressive guess! You're very close to the right name.
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