Friday, January 12, 2007


Hello one and all,

I didn't realise this is effectively my first post of the year and not the previous one, eh.

No posts recently because:
Been pretty busy and (more than) slightly stressed.
Working on new ideas and projects that require an entirely different set of skills is pretty daunting.
Even if it's what I've always wanted.

Where are my prize-winners?!?!?!
I've just checked my mail and NO-ONE, absolutely NO-ONE, loves and trusts me enough to e-mail their mailing address?!?!?!?!
I've only got cat_aunty's, and that was because she sent me a lovely gift and card for Christmas. Heh heh heh!

Haven't had the time to read the other cat blogs, soooo...
This is an APPEAL, prize-winners please, PLEASE, let me have your addie so I can mail you the happy goods, you won a prize YOU KNOW, don't act coy about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right. If I don't get addies by end this week, I'll harass you online incessantly... wait... that sounds like a very good reason why nobody wants to give me their addies in the first place... so... umm.
Look, I promise I'm not gonna harass you ok?!?!?!
Too busy right now.

Have to run, lots of love.
The cats are being demons as usual. The headlines:



Dear Catdonna, we all....shy lah...

Glad to hear that mayhem still reigns in the Catdonna household, kekeke
well, the standard practice for some lucky draws is the prizes go to next available people. if no one else emails you their addresses, i can always give mine!

Eh KSN, you not shy ah?!? =P

CatDonna, it was pure, clean fun lah, no need to buy us prezzies. Also, I hesitate to give my address in case KXBC finds out where the House of Pigs is. He may come and catnap Kootoo Monster .... mwahahaha ...
eh kmm, i don't want to go to jail for catnapping leh...
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