Monday, December 18, 2006

You know she's lovin' it when...

... Polly takes a big chunk of fish from my dinner plate, scoffs it down quick as only she can, looks around furtively, then vomits it all up on my suede bag and proceeds to enjoy it slowly the second time round.

I bet the fish was cold when it was on the plate. Polly likes her food warm. :)
wah... you let her do that? in the catabuser-cum-blogger household, anyone who attempts this will be severely CANED!

and no one has tried this since 1999.
oh eeewwww!!
Aiyoyoh....Miss Polly, you are in BIG trouble!!!

See how her ear aligned with the edge of the cushion....
Mmm, mmm good. Fanks fur sharing that lovely image!
I try to take my share of Mom's dinner, but she an Dad always stop me. Scruffy (afore Bonnie) stole small bits of chicken right offa Mom's plate, then looked innocent. Bonnie don't like people food, but she barfs after eatin too fast, an then I get a second helpin, if you know what I mean. What?
my fat sweetie had done this twice... twice after i had fed her dinner and she rewarded us by taking our fried fishes on the table and messed up the floor....
Whah, KSN, you run a tight ship there!! Not since 1999!!
kxbc: Sheesh. And all she had to do was ask. ;)

ksn: Eh? Caning? So that's how you coerce them into making XXX videos.

cat: Yeah! Thankfully my bag's not entirely destroyed, I can still use it. I had another bag once, though, that had a hole chewed through it by my rabbit (now deceased, RIP).

cat_aunty: Polly's always been one for artistic mood shots. She just doesn't do cute.

VICTOR!!! You's a dang naughty kitty. Being cute is no excuse. Ugh, and I bet you make your family watch.

jennifer: Cats just seem to have this innate disregard for the state of our house. The irony is they're always cleaning themselves. :)
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