Monday, December 11, 2006

Ten Things I Will Never Do

An overdue meme from PC Southwest. Here we go.

Ten things I will never do:

1. Lose so much weight that people will tell me, "You're too skinny".
Although I suspect this is more an issue of Can't, not Won't.

2. Not help animals in need.
Although to be honest, I still have trouble with vegetarian commitments; I do try but nothing's been successful. Veggers, feel free to stage peaceful demonstrations outside my door, burning turnip effigies of myself and chanting FLESH-EATING ANIMAL-LOVING HYPOCRITE.

3. Not help people who need it.
Yup. I'm a softie, you're a softie, everyone's a softie.

4. Play favourites with my cats.
As much as possible I love all my pets equally. However, that principle is often problematic considering how most of my cats are pretty harmless, but a couple of them can be quite the hellcat *ahem*PipandDoe*koff*.

5. Give up shopping.
It's a woman thing. Lalala!

6. Let sleeping cats lie.
I can't. I start cuddling them and taking pictures. So they take revenge by sleeping on my bed at night and keeping me awake.

7. Follow the rules.
Again, this isn't so much a matter of Won't as Can't. I don't actively try to be nonconformist, but it just seems to come naturally to me. I question things a lot. So I do get in trouble quite a bit.

8. Eat dark chocolate as is.
Had a bad experience some years back with a family-sized bar of dark choc, some greasy chips and a jerky 15-kilometre taxi ride that resulted in me projectile-vomiting when I reached home. I still shudder at the memory.

9. Suffer fools gladly.
By "fool" I don't actually refer to people who are ignorant and/or silly, because we're all like that sometimes. I'm talking about people who are cowardly, dishonest and irresponsible, and who end up hurting other people in the process. I've frequently stood up for friends who were hurt by such people, earning for myself the (IMHO) thoroughly undeserved reputation of VIP (Vicious and Intimidating Person). Very Pip-like, I agree.

10. Turn down an offer of food.
Refer to Number 1. It's lunchtime, off I go.

I open this meme to all my happy fellow bloggers and readers. Feel free to participate and don't get all guilty if you can't! It's the festive season now and I know many of us are busy tying up loose ends for the year.

So, if you're interested in doing this meme, just do it and leave a comment here to let us know.

Hungry hungry hungry. Cheers!

Catdonna - these are the stuff I won't do either.

Veggers won't stage protest outside your door. Loving animals doesn't mean not eating them. Food is for sustenance.

For shopping, I'll die a miserable death if I'm deprive of that!
Hi cat,

I did read some veg websites that said they wouldn't prohibit meat consumption, but we need to raise it ourselves to be ethically and practically sure of their welfare.

For a while I actually did consider rearing chickens. ;)

I really wonder what it is about women and shopping. It just makes me so very happy. Although I need to cut down now that my income's decreased significantly. Let me know if there are any cheap sales around. :)
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