Saturday, December 02, 2006

Roadkill / Sometimes Cats Are Stupid

++Update: Just returned from trolling. Is it just me, or is the cat blogosphere pretty dark nowadays? Many not good things are happening, both with cats as well as people. Take care, everyone.

CatDonna is not feeling very well right now, so I'm taking over.

CatDonna just saw a fatal road accident on a busy, three-lane (major) road (speed limit 60 km/h) involving a young grey tabby cat (6-8 months) and a car.

The cat shot out from nowhere, ran past about one metre from our car in the right lane, got hit by the car in the middle lane, and was probably dead by the time the car in the left lane smashed its guts over the tarmac.

In a desperate and (IMHO) crazy stupid attempt to save the cat, CatDonna ignored her husband's advice and ran out the car towards the cat while Husband was making a left turn. But she was far too late, and she knew it.

It is dangerous to run across the road or to get out of a moving vehicle.

CatDonna's really not feeling very well right now.

I wrote this to let you know.

She says the posts will still come, just not tonight at least.

Bye. I need to go cheer her up.

Pipperina Princess

Catdonna, you were acting from your heart and not your head. What an awful thing to witness and to feel so helpless at the same time. You have a heart of gold and you would have saved the little fellow if there had been enought time and a better opportunity. -SSS's Mom
Oh dear, how traumatic. You have tried your best. The little one is not destined for this world. You will meet again when it reincarnates.
Poor thing. At least it ended quicky for him.
Oh how awful. My beans would hate to witness that. At least it was quick. He will be happy at the Rainbow Bridge, with all the other kitties that have passed before him. There was nothing you could have done. Hold your cats close.
SSS's Mom: Thank you for your kind words. I think I've pretty much gotten over the trauma of what I saw; at least, I try not to think about it.

Still. That last glimpse of the cat running for its life, just before it was hit, will haunt me for some time.

cat_aunty: Thank you for your comfort. It's just that I get very upset when I try to rescue an animal and I fail.

I try to detach myself from the sorrow when it happens, sometimes to the the point of suppressing it. But I know there's a scar somewhere.

kxbc: With that kind of impact, I'm guessing the cat died before any real pain set in.

bonnie: Yup, I'm cuddling my little monsters and very thankful that they are alive and well. :)
Dear CatDonna, don't supress your sorrow, accept it; you will feel better. Let yourself feel the pain and then let go. Take care of yourself and be strong for there are many animals still needing you.
We empathise, btmao and I. Take care, catdonna, and don't suppress it, not healthy too. Cat minioning is the best therapy ;)
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