Monday, December 04, 2006

Reheated Chocolate

Chocolate came into heat yesterday: the yowling, the rolling around on the carpet, the TERRITORIAL MARKING ON OUR CRISP NEW BEDLINEN.

Now all this would make sense except that Chocolate was spayed seven months ago.

I've left messages with the vet, but he's closed on Mondays (which is today) so I can't get to him till tomorrow.

Does anyone have advice or experience with this? I called SP and she's never had this problem before.

Good Lord. Why do I always end up with the freaky cats.

ps - Pip cuddled me virtually all day yesterday. She seemed to know I was a bit *bleah*. The dear beast is very sweet sometimes.

Hmmm - sorry we can't help our - no girl kitties at our house.
Hmph. Nefur happened to ME. Teddy was fixed and mated wif Pip; Chocolate is fixed and in heat. What kind of cat home are you running??? :-)
Hmph. Maybe it was not in heat, maybe it was territorial marking....Or you really need to change your vet, if he/she didn't do a good job with Teddy and then Chocolate...Bach Rescue Remedy anyone??
i had 3 female cats in my house... my black cat always meow very loud like she used to meow when she was on heat...but that kind of meow is when she wanted something from me like food...and also she did roll on her back very happy or high...

maybe chocolate wanted something from u so she meow loud loud...
Sometimes the effects of spaying takes time to kick in. The Gigolo was humping kitties long after he was neutered. According to the vet, some cats are just built like that.

I'll say!
I have 4 girl kitties at home but nothing of that sort had happened. They may meow very loudly at times or roll around on the floor but that is just to draw our attention for food or cuddling.
kimo&sabi: No problems. Thanks for the kind thought anyway.

bonnie: You know those heartwarming stories where kitties are rescued from kitten mills and end up in good homes? Well it seems my rescue kitties are determined to turn this good home into a kitten mill. Sigh. :P

cat_aunty: Different vets did Teddy and Choc, so I think maybe the problem is me. I attract the weird cats. ;)

jennifer: thx for sharing your experiences! Unfortunately in my next post you will see that Choc is definitely on heat. Anyway she has always been a quiet cat, so the yowling is obviously a sign.

GK: Heehee. True to his name, isn't the Gigolo Kitty? :)

kxbc: Well Choc's a quiet kind of cat by nature, she doesn't like too much attention so this is a change for sure!
Hi Sara : )

History repeats again. I think you should go to my regular vet, Dr Lim @Clinic For Pets.

So far, I had sent almost 50 cats. Never had any problem at all.

; ) Pauline (Pipi's family)
Hi Pauline, how's your family? :)

Actually different vets neutered Teddy and Chocolate, so I have concluded that the problem is not with the vets, but with me.

You see, I am a freak cat magnet.

Still, thanks for the heads up! I shall bear your vet in mind. It's always good to have these contacts in handy.

Hope Pipi is doing well. :D
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