Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kitty Kitty Kitty Cat!

Not the best resolution, but it's a very sweet video. Enjoy!

That was funny, but I wish Mom wouldn't laff when I fall or jump backwards into a laundry bag. I's doing it on purr-pose, of course!
That was so dang funny! I laughed and laughed, at 7am!
There is a series of such cat videos on metacafe or Youtube. Very very funny. Perks up my day everytime I watch them.
It's me, Pip!

victor: Them humans don't realise that we sometimes pretend to be clumsy so they don't feel so inferior bout themselves. 'Course you did it all on purrpose, and so do the I!

cat_aunty: Yes! We are adorable! I'm trying to get the woman to beg, borrow or steal a digicam so I can camwhore a little.

kxbc: There are lots of such videos, and sometimes the woman and I need to browse quite a few before we find a couple worth sharing. But like you say, they're very funny, so we're not complaining.
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