Monday, December 11, 2006

Even Top Cats Get the Monday Blues


Oh, the Monday blues

I'm bored.
It's no fun supervising the humans as they work.

Hmmm. What to do? What to do?

Off I go to find trouble, I mean, some work worthy of my Top Cat title...

Dumb ginger fatty ahead!

"Uhh... sir good morning sir"

It's Teddy, come to work in his nice new white lace bow-tie.
I know. Let's intimidate him.

Doe: Take off your bow-tie! No subordinate is allowed to look cuter than their boss!
Teddy: Sir yes sir!

That's right... don't move a muscle or I'll SWAT you...

Doe: And why did you submit your report 3 days before the deadline? I wanted it one week before!!!
Teddy: Sir I apologise sir!

Doe: Hmph! Alright, I'm in a good mood so I'll let you off this once. Report for litter-tray duty everyday this month, and I'll forget this incident happened.
Teddy: *euphoric with relief* Oh sir thank you sir!

That's enough work for today.
I need a rest. On the nice human bed of course.

A top bed for the top cat

What a productive day I've had. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Now, where do I place my order for tuna sashimi and catnip tea?

Yours Faithfully
Mr Doe
CEO (Cats' Executive Officer)
CatDonna & Cats Pte Ltd

Poor Teddy. Why was he sporting a lace collar? And why was he conked out on the floor?

But Doe is very handsome.
cat_aunty: Actually we just had this white lace ribbon lying around and thought it would be cute on Ted. Lo and behold, Ted didn't seem to mind wearing it.

Teddy goes into extreme submission whenever Doe comes by. That's how frightened he is of Doe. And Doe was in one of his moods, so he just sat there and watched Teddy roll over and play dead.

For about five minutes, Doe just sat there, and Teddy didn't move.

In the end, Doe still beat Teddy up.
LOL! I rolled ofur in submission to Bonnie at first, but I don't any more. It made no diffrince wif her. Teddy's bow is cute. Doe is handsome.
Doe really has this smug look on his face, no wonder poor Teddy is intimidated.
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