Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Chocolate TRAAAMP!!!!! ++Updated: And DRAMA QUEEEEN!!!!!++

++Update: The vet is positive he didn't leave any uterine tissue behind during the spay. The diagnosis for now is an "uncommon hormonal imbalance leading to false pregnancy". Unfortunately, (the vet says) depending on the cat, this could happen again.

Hormonal imbalance! False pregnancy!
So Choc's not just a Tramp, she's a Drama Queen!

Dang it Choc, I don't care if you think you're pregnant JUST STOP PEEING ON MY BED!!!


Oh yeah baby, scratch my neck some more

Chocolate's living it up!

She's getting it on with anything that moves.
Even our feet aren't spared.

For the dear people out there trying to cheer me up by suggesting that maybe Choc's just in a very good mood, I present photographic evidence (rated M-18) that The Lady Is A Tramp:

The mating stance: thankfully Teddy didn't (and couldn't) get the hint

Am taking Choc to the vet later today (it's 2:40 am here as I type and I wish to thank my insomnia for everything), and to be honest I am dreading the appointment. As I see it, my options are pretty much limited to getting Choc checked up and possibly re-spayed. It's traumatic for her, money wasted for me, and trouble for everyone.

And if the vet insists that I pay the full price for re-spaying, I'd rather take my cat and my custom somewhere else.

Feel the Tabby Love

Oh Boonie. Poor corrupted little soul.

The scandal, the scandal

Tut tut

And when she's not flirting with the boys, she's scheming with the girls.

Polly: Whaddaya mean, schemin'? what wif da paparazzi, man? Lissen dawg, I knows mah rights! Ima callin' mah lawyer 'bout dis yo!
Choc: *Mrrrowr*...

Choc: ...and this is how you seduce the camera.
Polly: Lordy, Choklit. You's a tramp fo' realz yo.

Right, it's 3 am. Off to bed I go.


Oh dear....science normally doesn't fail. Well, see what the vet says, the we take it from there.
If the womb and ovaries were removed during surgery, she should not go into heat again. No?
oh dear.. chocolate is rather trampy! hope all goes well
False pregnancy?? Like that Bloody Mary???? Now what? Is Chox on some hormones thingy?
Hmph. Choc, GET OVER IT! Control yourself; you're supposed to be a Lady.

Cat Donna: a friend's cat had a "false pregnancy" that resulted in two adorable "false" kittens. It's probably hormones and there's nothing a re-spay would do, but maybe some drugs... NOT FOR YOU, FOR CHOCOLATE!!! :-)
cat_aunty: Yup, Choc is on hormone pills now. :)

Umm, who is Bloody Mary?

kxbc: The doctor says this is quite a strange case of hormonal imbalance. This shouldn't happen, but never say never, I guess.

anon: Man, Choc is annoying. We've got the meds now so should be ok. Thx.

bonnie: You're right, the vet's very sure too that a re-spay isn't helpful. Choc will be on hormone meds for 2 weeks, and I will probably snarf down as much chocolate as I can when no one's looking. It is is the festive season, after all! :)
Oh, yes, eatin chocolate (candy) should help you recover from dealin wif Chocolate's problems. I like snugglin, but she's, um, takin it a little too far.
Oh. Erm. Queen Mary, Elizabeth I's sister. She got married to Philip II and she thought she was pregnant. The baby never came. Philip II went off, and Mary died soon after. She executed thousands of Protestants during her reign, hence Bloody Mary.
victor: Aren't you glad you're too far for Choc's *enthusiastic* embraces! ;)

cat_aunty: That's right! I remember you mentioned watching a documentary on the history of the English monarchy. Wow, you have a good memory. I, on the other hand, don't even have a television set.
There's never a dull in this cat house.

Chocolate: you siao ah !?!
Oh. No TV? Not even for the news?
auntie p: Choc's calmed down a lot since she started the medication. Her siao days are over! :)

eternal sunshine: Nope, no TV. We rely on the internet and the papers. btw your profile pic is very familiar... ;)
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