Thursday, December 14, 2006


Polly (L) and Teddy (R) doing their small-time gangsta act, but Polly forgot to squint

Finally finished a first official version of my work assignment.

Dunno when meeting the reviewer, was supposed to be today but there is a chance will be postponed.

Drank two cups of Diet Coke at 9 pm last night to get me through and I can say, WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY (woohoo), that the caffeine is still running through my veins.

Slept at... 6:45 am? The sun was rising.
Woke up at 9 something am.
Am exhausted yet. Very very awake.

Today is a long and busy day.
Tomorrow there's this interview thing that I had better NOT oversleep for.

I leave you with this photo, which is not an optical illusion: Polly is slightly behind Teddy but that doesn't account for the obvious size difference. Like a furry, cranky little David and a floofy, clumsy Goliath. Love it.

Convincing gangsta squints all round, this time

Going to try and nap a bit before I start the day.
The operative word here being try.
The caffeine is messing up my gastric too, so I keep thinking I'm getting the runs.

Admit it, CatDonna.
You're a caffeine wuss.

Um, maybe you shouldn't haf caffeine? Just a suggestion.
Teddy an Polly do look intimidatin, cept I just saw Teddy in his bow tie. I fink the look they're givin means "food. now."
Good idea!
Hmm the fridge is stil standing? Cute Polly.And hard to imaine Big Teddy is so submissive to Doe. Guess is a personality thing.

Good luck for the interview.
Teddy looks like a teddy bear! i like his semi long fur...
I love the gangsta squints! The size difference of the two cats makes the pictures extra-cute to me, for some reason. :)
victor: I try to limit caffeine use to emergencies such as this deadline, or when I know I need extra energy for shopping or going out (hee). You're right about Polly and Teddy wanting food - they're the two greediest cats in this house.

cat_aunty: The interview went okay thanks! The irony is I don't really want the job (teaching night-class part-time) but I figured I might as well get some income. EVERYONE beats Teddy, even Polly. Polly is very pretty for a tortoiseshell, but she's hard to take pix of. :)

ksn: Teddy always looks so huggable. He's constantly ambushed for big cuddles.

tfp: Welcome to my blog! Polly constantly squints/glares so I thought it would be cool to photograph. When she fights with Teddy and he sits on her (accidentally) I do get a little worried, but she's okay so far. Will try to take a fight pic next.
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