Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blogger, You Kill Me

Polly (L) and Chocolate (R).
Add up the annoyance on both their faces, multiply it by a thousand, and you get a rough idea of how I feel about Blogger right now.

Yesterday I was posting something... lotsa scandalous kitty pix and the ten things I've been tagged for...

Then bloody Blogger hung on me and lost my post.


Sorry PC (A certain part of the UK that cannot be revealed for fear of incurring the Arbitrary and Most Alarming Wrath of Management).
And PC stands for Personal Computer. I swear.


I just put this pic in for fun: Lucie in a box.
Question is, why?

Then today I was rushing about as usual and to top it off, went swimming.
I did forty laps.
Am trying to reach a consistent fifty laps per session by the end of this month.

Interestingly (to me, not to you, but this is my blog nyah nyah nyah), I took about 1 hour 25 minutes... slightly less than one and a half hours...
Maybe there's like some cosmic connection with the time lost yesterday spent swimming today.

Yeah right.

Or maybe I'm just sitting here typing nonsense, exhausted after a long day, absolutely FREAKING OUT at the thought of having to redo a perfectly fine, long post.

I. Shall. Procrastinate.
It's All. Blogger's. Fault.
Off to bed. Will redo the lost post, soon.

Good night, and good luck


oh terrible....anyway, hope you will blog again soon. Want to see the scandalous pix!!
40 laps to 50? It's already a darn task for me to complete 20 laps (in the good old days).

Don't you feel ravenous after swimming? I tend to eat lots after a swim, as opposed to doing other aerobic exercise like cycling or jogging.
Why is orange?
cat_aunty: Post coming up soon once I feel better. :) As to why Polly is so vividly carrot-coloured, I dunno. The other shots I have of them (taken at the same time) didn't turn out like this. Maybe it's a lighting/angle thing.

auntie p: I agree. Swimming has a way of making me incredibly thirsty for some reason, and after a while my stomach feels like a black hole. Although I've gotten used to it now, so it's not so bad.

I used to be so useless at swimming - four laps and I was bushed - but I've learnt that once you get into the momentum of doing laps it gets easy. I even lose count after a while, sometimes.
blog more! u really cheer up my dayyyy!! which is made sad and gray because of hte exams
i wana go swim too, but not now - sick and studying - auntie tom
40 laps! Surely you jest. Swimming is just NOT a cat thing to do.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
auntie tom: Hisssss!!! The woman's busy rushing a deadline. she promises more posts but you can't trust her. Heck, I'VE been bugging her about it for a while and she doesn't even listen to MEEEE.

bonnie: My dear furriend! Of course most of us cats don't swim, or have much to do with water. That's why the woman ranks so low in our household hierarchy, you see... she's so weird it's not even funny... I mean, *whisper* she swims and takes showers after. What kind of freak does this?!

Seriously, we only tolerate her because she has opposable thumbs.

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