Sunday, October 29, 2006

Updated Blogroll

Have you added me to YOUR blogroll yet, punk?

You'll notice the list of local blogs has expanded some.

I say More Power to Singapore CatBloggers.

To those who incorporate issues of responsibility and animal welfare in their posts.

To those who share their daily lives, living with and loving their pets or community animals.

To those who directly and/or indirectly show the world that animals aren't evil, but man's ignorance and apathy can be.

And to those who, by example, lead us towards the paths of compassion and wisdom, in dealing with animals and with each other [but treating other peple like animals doesn't count, har har].

SingaCatBloggers, I salute you!


Anyhoos... local bloggers who would like to be added and who aren't on the list, leave a comment or send me mail and I'll put you in. I want this list to be as comprehensive as possible. If you're a catblogger you'll be on the "cool cats"; even if you're not, I've been thinking of setting up a non-catblog category for some time.

International catbloggers, just a while more and I'll get to ya. I've got quite a few blogs I need to put up, I know. Sorry!


ps - Pip's avoiding me now. And she's kept a low profile for two days, quite a record for her. Clever little beast.

Time out in a cage (like half a day or so with litter, food and water) may help to calm Pip down. You need to show her who is TOP CAT.

Sometimes whacking the teng tiao on the floor to scare them helps too.

It works for me but not sure if it will help you.
"If you're a catblogger you'll be on the "cool cats"; even if you're not, I've been thinking of setting up a non-catblog category for some time."

SWEET! We shall rule the virtual Speaker's Corner. RWOAR!

erm, so the non-cat blogs will be the "cool uncats"? =D
Pip looks very stern there, like a school headmistress
kxbc: With the other cats, establishing superiority is easy.

But with Pip and Doe, it's very hard to convince them that they don't own the flat. I dunno if it's just them, or if I spoilt them too much when they were young and severely ill.

My other hand-raised cats weren't as sick and so I coddled them less. You really can tell the difference in behaviour! Them brats!

calsifer: Yep, we'll roar. I'm still smarting from that poorly-researched Sunday Times article that claimed we DON'T exist. Amazing what rubbish ends up in our papers. Still brain-storming category titles, hahaha. We'll see how it turns out.

cat_aunty: Are you sure? This is actually one of Pip's less fierce-looking shots! :D
The Wife was suggesting time out in a cage for at least half a day everytime they break the rules. After a few times, they may just learn that life in a cage is definitely worse off than romping around freely in the house. I think it may just work unless they find enjoyment in being locked up!!!
Oops sorry, Pip!
i think catdonna should just give up and submit to the QUEEN... buahahahaha...
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