Friday, October 13, 2006

Update: Hazel The Nut

Thanks to Pauline for the pics

Hazel, apparently, is doing very well after his adoption.

According to the adopters' daughter who keeps in touch and occasionally sends pics [some of which you see here], he is "well-behaved and manja [a local term for 'attention-seeking and affectionate']." He likes to sit with Daddy and watch television. He rules the living room and chases all the other cats away [he lives with four other kitties]. And the naughty thing is allowed to sleep on the humans' bed, it seems.

High and mighty

He was beginning the teething process when he was first adopted, so his adopters did wonder about the bad breath. They've changed his name [for now] to Pipi, which literally translated from Mandarin Chinese means "Fart Fart". MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA.
[The breath has improved since then, though.]


I need to tell you about the day Hazel was adopted.

Hazel at the adoption drive.
Pic shamelessly ripped off from 5 Cat Style and the Flyer's blog. Thanks! ;)

Hazel was adopted at the cat adoption drive held during a major show, a couple months back.

And he hated it. Hated everything about it. Hated being away from Mummy Pip for the FIRST TIME IN HIS LITTLE LIFE. Hated the other cats around him [he'd always hated other cats; Pip had trained him well]. Hated the noise, the humans gawking, the cold.

So he huddled into a ball in his cage and implemented a policy of total uncooperativeness, the poor lil' monster.

The first potential adopter was a young woman with boyfriend. "I have an old Persian who's very sweet and gentle, is this one a nice little kitty?" She asked to hold Hazel for a while [all things considered, Hazel is a demon but looks like a cuddly sweetie-pie]. Hazel was fine when I held him, until I was just about to hand him over...

... then he LUNGED, SCREAMED AND SPAT at the young lady with such vehement ferocity that everyone in the adoption ring was shocked into silence. Staring at me while I bundled Hellcat into the cage and apologised to the traumatised woman.

Some of the other cat fosters came up to me after that and said, "Wow, you got a fierce one there".
SP came up to me and said, "Hazel really takes after his mad mother huh" [twirling finger round temple in significant manner].
A couple of gawkers/ potential adopters came into the ring, pointed at Hazel and concocted some crazy story about how Hazel must be half-Bengal, Oh look at his tabby markings, and how fierce he was just now.

Me, fierce?

Hazel had to be switched to a quieter cage in a corner because he was getting very tense.

The second potential adopters, a newlywed couple, only got to look at Hazel because when they came near he kinda guessed what they wanted, and started hissing and swiping at the bars. Again, they were looking for "sweet and gentle", not "bloodthirsty and quite possibly insane".

By then it was 3:30 pm and I decided to leave at 4.
No point prolonging the torment.

Round about 3:45 pm a family came in and the mother went over to Hazel. Hazel went into his usual welcome song-and-dance [snarl, swipe, heckles raised].

... And the lady pointed at him and said,
"I like his spirit! I'll take this one!"

And we all lived happily ever after.


"Pipi" and adoptive Papa.
Damn Hazel - I mean, Little Fart - NEVER let me cuddle him like that.

They say sometimes you choose the animal, sometimes the animal chooses you.

What I can say is I think Hazel and his new family are very happy together. And sometimes these things are just meant to be.


That's a lovely story.....*wipe tears away from eyes*
Wonderful story to start the day with.
Maybe Fart-Fart can be retranslated as Stinky? Dad calls me that. Sounds like you found the right beans, who unnerstand how stressful the doption fair was. I was so friendly an outgoin toward Mom, she thot I'm like that wif efurryone, but I hide from stangers at our howse. And we all lif happily efur after. Hooray!!!
Hazel with the cute pink nose, you are a lucky cat! :)
that's great. and oh i will never forget THAT breath lor...

cat_aunty + Sir Sid and Emperor N: Yeah, happy endings are great. They keep me grounded for when the bad cat-related things happen. Always sunshine after the storm :)

Victor: Heh heh. You're a clever kitty aren't you, putting up the friendly act and all. Hooray for you as well! Could you please teach Pip? She could do with learning how to be friendly, even if it's fake.

auntie p: He's done well, hasn't he? [For such a nasty little thing.] But with good-looking cats there's usually no problem, especially when they're kittens. Life's not fair! :P

ksn: Strangely enough, now Teddy has bad breath. I've checked his mouth and teeth... all fine. I wonder why?
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