Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Photo Op

Readers of this blog will know that Pip and Lucie aren't exactly the best of friends.

Here is photographic evidence of the fact:

I call this one "Seconds Before Disaster".

Thank you.

ps - Happy Holidays! :)

Oh no, poor unsuspecting Lucie.

Pip was inspired by P G Wodehouse?
Hahaha! Did Lucie survive? At all?!

~5-Cat Style
I can almost hear the growl from here. Jeeves and Wooster?
Oh no!

*Waiting for the part 2 disaster pic.*
OOOH we know that look too well. Jo and Queen give it lots.
Pip looks like he is honing in on the kill.
cat_aunty & 5CS: Well to be fair to Pip, Lucie plans a lot of vicious surprise attacks too. It just so happens I had the camera this time.

cat_aunty & bonnie: Yes, Pip reads J&W for tips on how to treat the full-time wait staff.

auntie p: No worries! Nothing much happened this time.

Sir Sid & Emperor N: Do you do it back, though? ;)

gigolo kitty: Long time no see! I've been lurking at your site and it's been quiet; you must have been very busy. Can't wait for the new Charlotte's Web series. [Pssst. Pip is a ladycat btw. It's okay GK, I won't tell her what you thought.]
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