Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Short notes before I sail

In the craziness that has been these past couple weeks some cool things happened:

I have to run. Lots of love to all.

Have a good trip, Catdonna! Looking forward to your next blog!!
How can Hazel's doption be a horror story? Can't wait to hear.

I'm glad the package arrived. Good idea, lockin it in the drawer. I tried to steal sum of it fur myself before I remembered it's fur Pip (and maybe others).

Enjoy yur bay-cation, but hurry back to gif treats to the kitties. Mom lets us haf only 5-8 pieces at a time (skimpy!) an makes us do tricks. The shame!
Have a great time.
BTW Jack was adopted, and Hazel too. So things did work out!
Everybody: Gooooddd afternooooon teeeecher!!

What subjects are you teaching?
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