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"JACK. He is 2 months old and has recovered from an eye operation. A very jovial & friendly kitten who is a joy to look at. He is looking [for a] cats [sic] lover who is willing to overlook his eye condition (he is perfectly healthy) and can give him a family and provide love & care."

Got this off the Cat Welfare Society adoption board.

I quite like Jack. I dunno why. He strikes me as a rakishly cute little fellow, somewhat like Polly. [Polly, by the way, is my only adopted cat - the rest are rescues - and I got her off the CWS adoption board, too.]

But I know, I absolutely CANNOT take in yet another cat. Eight in one flat is more than enough for me and the husband. They're not cheap, either.

There will be a major cat show + adoption drive on 4 September [Sun] at the Singapore Expo. Hazel will be there, and he will probably be adopted.

I've decided not to bring Boonie and Lucie along, though, even though they've been up for adoption much longer. It's too traumatic for them.

I think Boonie almost collapsed from the stress, the last time they were at an adoption drive. It was embarrassing [imagine being asked "Why is that cat hyperventilating?" X 10,000 for six hours] and frankly, quite frightening to watch Boonie pant and cry nonstop.

I know it's a bad move not to bring 'em, though.
Chances of adoption if cats stay at home: pretty dang low.
Crap. I'm stuck.
But I can't bring myself to do it this time.

The next time we get such a large event will be next year. Boonie and Lucie will be over 1 year old by then, and that's the threshold beyond which adoption eligibility dwindles quite rapidly.

Everyone wants kittens.

If what I suspect comes to pass, Boonie and Lucie will be here for a while until the Right Person comes along, and that means my personal cat rescue resources [space, money, time, effort] will be severely constrained.

That means no adopting Jack, which I don't really mind. But it also does mean definitely no taking in more rescues unless they're life-and-death emergencies, and FORTHELOVEOFGOD, there are too many emergencies already.

As long as there are selfish and irresponsible humans, there will always be abandoned and abused cats/kittens.
What do I do, the next time I come across a box of abandoned kittens? The next time I discover a cat, abused and too injured to survive on the streets without human intervention?

Must the day come when I turn and walk away because I simply can't take on any more?


Not that it hasn't happened before.


So. Lucie and Boonie. Lovely young cats, healthy and affectionate. Best adopted together. If you want more details contact me. Any takers?

That is a heart wrenching post. You have a very good heart and you are helping a lot even though you wish you could hellp more.

I just came over to say congratulations for being Bonnie and Victor's 10,000 visitor.
Oh, oh, such a dilemma! Is there any way to make the doption fair less stressful fur Boonie and Lucie? My mom would try spraying Feliway in the cage ahead of time, but I don't know if you haf that there. Sumtimes at doption fairs here, they keep a towel ofur the cage of specially shy cats. Anofur way would be to bring flyers wif pictors of Boonie and Lucie - these lovely youngsters are available, but doption fairs are too stressful.

Here in Madison, at least, they keep the fairs pretty small. One adoption group sets up 4-10 cages inside a pet store for just a few hours each weekend. Another adoption group does the same but on different days. The crowds are smaller, but it helps keep the cats happier. As you know, the happy cats are going to find their people while the frightened ones may not.

Jack's cute, once you get past the initial shock. Mom saw a Friends of Ferals doption fair with an adult cat wif one eye, a torn ear, teeth missing, and overall ragged appearance. When he saw her, he mewed sweetly and rubbed her hand like crazy - scary ugly but wonderfully sweet old guy.
Don't fret, Catdonna, things will work out in the end. You are helping the kitties, and they thank you for it.

BTW Jack is handsome in a Captain Jack Sparrow sort of way
rascal: I've just gone over to your lovely blog to say congrats too. :) Which reminds me, I should be updating my blog roll. You'll be on it!

Skritchies for handsome black kitties. :D

victor: Over here the drives are larger. We usually place about 20-30 cats in the exhibition hall for about 7 hours.

It's not ideal, but we haven't got much choice. To be fair, most cats can deal with it. Just not the spoilt fat brats *ahem*boonie&lucie*koff*.

I'll probably set up a powerpoint presentation for the cats that are too stressed to make it down.

Thanks for sharing! And did the scraggy old cat get adopted in the end, I wonder? :)

cat_aunty: Thank you for your encouragement. I see how much you do for your own cats too... yup, I won't let me get too down.

You know you're right, with a bit of mascara little Jack does look like Johnny Depp. Hahahahaha!!!!!
CatDonna, we don't know what happened to the scraggly but friendly cat. He was in a good foster home and such a nice boy, I'm sure someone will take him. I don't fink we haf as many cats per area looking fur new homes as you do in Singapurr. We like the powerpoint presentation idea fur the spoiled... I mean comfortable... cats who don't like doption fairs. Good luck to all the cats lookin fur forever homes!
The powerpoint presentation is a good idea. Good luck at the adoption drive!

For the life of me, I never quite understood what [SIC] (in the 1st para) means. I've asked around but no one seems to know. Can you please explain? Thank you. :)
I know how you feel, CatDonna. Jack does look like a dear. Thank you for helping the cats. = )
hey, i know that feeling too...
I am in the same dilema as you. Take or don't take? But if we stumble upon a litter of abandoned kittens, we will take them in as they are all defenceless.

4 Sep is a Mon. So is the adoption drive on 3 Sep (Sun)?
Auntie P, People put [sic] when somthing is spelled wrong from the source, not from them. "I know it's wrong, I didn't do it."
I think that's very difficult, Catdonna. I understand how badly you want to help Jack, but if it is not good for you and your existing household, then how would it be good for him? I am sure someone will look at him and will find it in his heart to look after Jack.
Thanks again, victor tabbycat. I know you've explained it at my blog too. :)
Pip, hey Pip... any mail yet? Just fur you, of course!
hey catdonna,

there is another show this year in early december! it will be a big scale one too! good opportunity for ur lucie & boonie... i saw them at the geylang cc show.. but was too shy to come over and say hi...

have u tried feliway? it calms nervous cats somewhat.. but doens't work for all cats. i see CWS seldom use cage curtains? from experience, it really helps. *wink*

Good luck & all the best with ur adoptions!
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