Wednesday, July 12, 2006

SG Cat Blogger Meet-Up

Some of us have responded [yay!] and so here are tentative details of our meet-up. Please note the date has been changed cos some people couldn't make it, so it's NEXT weekend, not this coming one. Really really hope as many of us as possible can come.

Venue: Marche @ Suntec
Day/Date: Saturday, 22 July 2006
Time: 1.30 pm

Here are the responses we've got so far.

CAN Make It:

AWAITING Confirmation:

MAY BE Dropping By:

ABSENT with regrets [but with us in spirit]:
Please spread the word. And OF COURSE spouses and significant others are free to join us. Dun pai seh. Just let me know beforehand so I can give the right number for booking tables. [Do they allow table bookings at Marche?]

So everyone, please leave a comment to let me know your confirmed attendance, and I'll update the list periodically.

So fun! So fun!
*skips away singing silly la-la songs*

I did not read properly and thought it is this Sat. Next Sat should be fine. :)
I thought it was this Sat too...very sorry can't make it next Sat. Enjoy yourselves!
kxbc and auntie p: actually you didn't get it wrong. It was supposed to be this sat but a couple of bloggers said they can't make it, and so ksn and I thought it would be better to shift it to the next.

kxbc, we're on! auntie p, what a pity. Was looking forward to meeting you. Maybe you could drop by when you're not too busy?
Slash wrist with toilet roll!?!? I'm so honoured...hee hee! Catdonna, perhaps if the party lingers around long enough, I may just try to catch you all during the latter part, so see how it goes lah, can? :)
yeah, kxbc, you will be the "thorn" among the roses.. heehee...
That sounds like fun. I wish we could come, but we're a looooooong way from Singapore.
I am writing to you because I read your blog on a regular basis - just an FYI:)

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Dear Catdonna, thank you for inviting me. I will be working on that day *pout* so cannot make it loh. But thank you very much for the invite once again. Have a good time!
eh so what's with the job thing? call me and tell me leh. jencrs.
Will you bring any kittens? This could be a clever way to find adopters fur kittens ;-) Just kidding. Are you feelin better yet? We was worried when you couldn sleep an then flew. Cats nefur haf trouble sleepin!
I too hope you're sleeping better now, Catdonna. I am still so bummed about not being able to come along to your meeting.
Oh boy. Sorry for the very tardy reply. I need to be back in office that afternoon to sort out some matters before the great electric shutdown (of my office building) following day so I don't think I can make it...sorrie...btw, I think my Hazel is dead. Sigh.
Count me in!

- Mama Piggy
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