Monday, July 03, 2006

Patty Cakes

Taken from Yahoo! videos

"Patty cake, patty cake, patty cake man,
Make me a patty cake quick as you can."

The voiceover's about some cat giving a dog a massage, but it doesn't do anything for me so I prefer to watch it mute.

That's because when a cat does that to me, I call it making patty cakes.

Taken from

It's far easier on the imagination to think that a cat would knead dough to make its own tuna puffs [or bait for rats?], rather than do me a nice, de-stressing favour.

According to animal behavourists, cats knead to show affection.
So the question for today is, when cats knead us, do they need us?
Heh heh.

More to come after I drop Fiver off at his new adopter's.


Some cats don't knead us, but they do the "opening and closing" of their front paws repeatedly (on alternate paws - left paw, right paw). Is this the same as kneading? Are they feeling happy and affectionate too? I wonder.
Fiver has been adopted? Hazel will be lonely then. Haizz...
oh that nice that fiver has been adopted. hazel has mommy so maybe its not so bad.
Lucky Fiver, going to his furever home. Kneading is comforting; we do it first to our cat mommas to get milk, later to feel that happy again. Mom saw the video first wifout sound an liked it that way, too.
I thought cats knead us to make a comfortable bed for themselves! :)

How's Fiver doing in his new home?
Hi, I'm a Singaporean cat lover living in US and I came across your blog... and I absolutely love the cat lovers' blogging community you have going here. All the best! -Estee
I am so happy Fiver found a great forever home! That's awesome!

Isis is the one who does all of the kneading, and it drives our human pet nuts. However, I think the human pet has trained her now to only do it when the human has a blanket, comforter, or some other form of cover on so she doesn't get clawed to hell and back!
auntie p: I call that lazy patty cakes. Yeah, I think it's the same thing actually.

kxbc and san: Hazel's not too upset about it, the heartless creature. Now he's big enough, Hazel and Pip have formed a new gang to terrorise the rest of the cats.

victor: I think it's so sweet, the idea that cats like to revisit their kittenhood. Just like how we do things that remind us of our childhoods... very Hallmark moment.

cat: I haven't called the adopter yet. I will soon, and update.

Estee: Hi! Glad to know you're enjoying our blogs. :)

zeus: I think your human pet's very clever to train Isis that way. Right now Boonie's on my lap making patty cakes and his claws aren't trimmed. Oww.
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