Monday, July 10, 2006

Calling Singapore Cat Bloggers & Blog Readers ++Updated++

++Update++ Okay, it's either you all are super busy or you guys don't want to meet? Say something leh, so at least I know what's the score. If you want another date/time just say. Dun keep quiet lah.

Always so quiet. Wah lau, Singaporeans.

Me down with flu. Fever, sinusitis, fatigue, the usual symptoms.
Grouchy. Bleargh.
On the bright side though, insomnia's over.

++End Update++

Hey hey hey!

Some time back kuro.shiro.neko and I were casually discussing the possibility of meeting up.


If we were to throw out an open invite to the Singapore cat blogosphere [bloggers and readers/commenters] for a late lunch this weekend, say, how many of you would be interested?

Leave a note in the comments section and let me know.

Bye bye for now!

ps- Hazel's fallen in the toilet bowl after a failed attempt at jumping up the sink. He's called Smelly Hazel now. At least until his shower.

If I lived near there, I would definitely come! It sounds like a lot of fun, and you could take lots of photos for the blog. How about I say I will be there in spirit? ;)
My sentiments are the same as Zeus; can't quite get away to the other side of the world on short notice.
Very glad your insomnia is over, but too bad about the cold/flu/sinusitis. Take two kitties to bed and blog us in the morning.
Wonderful idea! Will then be able to put a face to the cats...hehehehe...

But I have to get back to Singapore first :)
Mmm, sounds nice, although it depends on what time you're meeting.

kxbc: still checking out the catblogs while on biz trip? ;)
Poor Hazel!

~~ Boni
Our version of Hazel remains missing to-date and we're pretty tied up searching for her. Just returned from AVA. I'm sorry - looks like I won't be able to join you guys this round. = (
Auntie P, I need my daily fix of catblogs, esp the Singapore ones. It's like a drug, you know.

CatDonna, I will be back Fri so this weekend should be super fine.
zeus and victor: Heh heh! Thx for "coming over" to join us in spirit. We'll have a toast to you!

kxbc: We've changed the date. Hope you not jetting off again too soon...

auntie p: really really hope you can make it. I know some of us work on Saturdays and all. drop me a comment and we'll see how we can work around your schedule.

Boni: Ah no need to pity Hazel, he's quite deserving of the dunking. Naughty thing.

celeste: Hope you find your Hazel soon... oh dear.
hey catdonna

Thanks for the invite. nex sat can't make it cos clan meeting for niece's new baby. She'll be 2 weeks old. I dunno why I am more excited about cats than babies..hmmm. Good thing abt the insomnia though :))
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