Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bye Bye Fiver

Remember me?

I realise that I still haven't mentioned Fiver's adoption. So here goes.


Some things you may like to know about Fiver:

Fiver: 48 hours old

Hazel and Fiver were born on 31 March, 2006.

Fiver was the runt. Granted there were only two kittens in Pip's litter, it was still pretty obvious that Fiver got the wrong end of the deal. Hazel was almost twice as large at birth, and much more active.

Pip clearly favoured Hazel, grooming him incessantly, and she didn't pay as much attention to Fiver. It was easy to ignore Fiver after all. He was shrivelled, small, quiet and slow, while Hazel was a squealing ball of flesh and downy fur.

By the second day it became obvious that little Fiver was having problems latching onto Pip's teats. He lay in a tiny crumpled heap at the far corner of the box, whimpering miserably. Pip didn't seem to bother. Hazel was suckling well and had already grown visibly fatter.

The vet said Fiver had a 50-50 chance of survival. I had to decide: whether to let nature take its course and kill off the runt, or to give Fiver that chance.

The tube and syringe used to feed non-thriving newborn Fiver

I gave Fiver the chance. And he lived.

[I also hope I will never have to feed a neonatal through a stomach tube for the rest of my life, ever again. Imagine stuffing a tube down the throat of a tiny screaming baby kitten no longer than your index finger, and praying you didn't go in the wrong way and puncture his lung by accident. The trauma.]

Made it!

By the end of the first week Fiver grew strong enough to suckle. So he was returned to Pip. And Pip accepted him, though she never quite gave him the preferential treatment she gave Hazel. But never mind, survival was all that mattered.

Welcome back


So the kittens grew. Their eyes opened, their ears unfolded. They learnt to walk, to run and jump and play. They learnt to use the litter box, suffered a bout of diarrhoea from coccidiosis, were de-wormed and vaccinated, got weaned.

Baby Fiver and Daddy Teddy

Fiver [L] and Hazel [R] trying to explore outside the box

Their personalities developed. Hazel was a temperamental Pip-like terror, whilst Fiver was timid, gentle and friendly like his father Teddy. Naturally, Fiver was bullied for his size and personality. But it was also Fiver who made friends first with us and the rest of the cats, napping with them on the couch as we read, while Hazel reigned proud and alone [with Pip watching close by] in his cold, hard bathroom.

So young and already getting into trouble

Fiver is the kind of kitten who, when you pick him up, would curl his little front paws in and nuzzle against your neck. He's the sweetest, most trusting little fellow you could ever find. The cats loved him. So did we.

Happy family [L-R]: Big Boy Hazel, Mummy Pip, Little Boy Fiver


Fiver got adopted at an adoption drive in early July.

Fiver's would-be adopters wanted Hazel at first. Again, it's no surprise - besides being bigger and stronger, Hazel was also more handsome. The adopters explained that they wanted a sweet cat, because their older cat was very gentle and submissive.

Then, while N [Mrs Adopter] was still cuddling a struggling Hazel and talking to me, we caught a glimpse of the way Hazel was staring at her.
It wasn't endearing, it was threatening.
Hazel was glaring death-rays and starting to snarl. Like a little cat demon.
N put Hazel back in the cage. Fast.

So I offered Fiver instead, who as usual melted and purred into N's arms, and that was it.


Here are some last pics of Fiver, just before we sent him off to the adopters the next day.

A goodbye kiss from Polly

"I'm a big boy now"

I don't think Pip misses Fiver much. Hazel hardly seems to have noticed any change.

Good times: Teddy messing around with Fiver

But Teddy was a bit sad for a while, I think.

One last shot before we go

Bye bye Fiver. Have a wonderful life with your new family.


Be a furry purry little blessing wherever you go.
We love you too. Take care.

CatDonna and Cats

All the best, Fiver! Dear Catdonna, do you keep in touch with the adopter? So at least you know Fiver is well taken care of?
When I first laid eyes on the first photo, I thought Fiver has such a sweet face, and indeed, he a sweet purrsonality to match!

We'll miss you Fiver, though I'm sure your foster mama will miss you the most.

Well done, Catdonna! *thumbs-up*
Admire your guts administering tube feeding. I don't have the guts to try at all when we had CC. The thought itself is traumatizing enough.

Fiver looks like a mini version of our Kim Kim when she was a little kitten. She grew up very sweet and Fiver will too.

All the best to you, little boy.
Sounds like Fiver was the right kitten fur the adopters, not Hazel. Lucky Fiver, off to see the world. Hazel will find his home, too.
aaawww.... fiver is such a sweet boy. btw, have you heard from adopter whether their cat has accepted fiver, whether they are getting along well?

hazel should meet stitch who can match the deadly stare!
Bye Fiver. All the best and may you receive lots of love and hugs each day at your new home.
so happy to know that fiver has found a good owner with another older brother...
Hey CatDonna!

I was at the show too! I went by during the lunch break to have a look at all the beautiful cats for adoption, but I didn't recognise your cats!!! Silly me!

I am so glad Fiver found a new home! My friend told me that his wife's twin sister adopted a black and white kitten from the show, i suppose that is Fiver! What a co-incidence! I will definitely ask my friend how little fiver is doing!
Dear all,

I finally called the adopter yesterday. Couldn't call earlier because I lost my voice last week from the flu.

She says Fiver is adapting very well, cuddles to sleep with the other cats, and is learning to play ball.

Thanks all for your well wishes! Fiver thanks you too. :)
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