Sunday, June 04, 2006

When It's Over... + Post[card] from Wales

When it's over
That's the time I fall in love again.
- Some strange old song

It's over! I finally managed to hand in my resignation, tie up loose ends with duties and responsibilities, finish all outstanding work and clear out my desk in the space of the past two weeks.

So on Friday 2 June I finally managed to walk out of the office knowing full well that I owed them nothing. Nothing! It's well and truly over.

That was about 4:30 pm or so and by 9:30 pm, I had cleaned the house*, given instructions to the catsitter, packed my suitcases and left Singapore with the husband.

*My husband laughed derisively when he read this line. Tchah!

I'm typing this at my in-laws' residence in Llanstadwell, West Wales. Woot!

I originally had plans to pay Fat Eric a short visit and congratulate him on his Catolympic achievement, since Walthamstow wasn't too far off from Heathrow. But despite my plans I well and truly ran out of time to prepare anything or contact anyone, let alone update this blog. *bows head in guilt*

Anyway, Fat Eric and Mommy, if you're reading this CatDonna says hi from Cymru!!! *waves wildly* Maybe we still can meet, who knows, although I'm not too sure of travel plans at the moment so can't promise anything.

This is my first time on holiday when I haven't actually got an itinerary. I only know I'm here to slack around a bit.

I'm going to be here until the end of the month, and unfortunately because my in-laws still use a dial-up internet connection, it's going to be near impossible to post pics. Also, my time allowed on the computer is... limited, I mean, I keep getting called away every other minute and I guess it is UTTERLY RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS TO SPEND NINETEEN HOURS TRAVELLING ACROSS THE WORLD SO THAT YOU CAN USE SOMEONE ELSE'S INTERNET CONNECTION. [I kid you not. 19 hours of my life gone like that. Dammit I want my 19 hours baaack!]

I'll update whenever I can, and torture all of you with badly taken holiday photos once I return to mine humble domicile with that lovely invention called broadband.


In cat-related news, I've decided to put Hazel and Fiver up for adoption.

Boonie and Lucie are still up for adoption if anyone's interested.

Please help me spread the news can? Interested parties, please e-mail me. I'll get the catsitter [Siaping for those of you who know her] to screen potential adopters and I'll follow up once I get back.


Lotsa love to all!
I'm so glad that phase of my life [ie my soon-to-be-ex job] is over.
Now I can fall in love with life again.


All the best. Have a good break.
So long no post. And now got post no pics. Like that how can? But better than no post. ;)

Have a good holiday. Holidays knowing that you do not have to get back to work to clear backlogged e-mails are the best (what is the use of the covering officer anyway???)
ah Wales. where every place starts with "ll...." careful though, there may be sleeping dragons tucked deep in the valleys.

seriously, go to Llandudno [what did is say about ll...], from where you could throw a stone, which will never miss Ireland. :D
Wow! U r in Wales...enjoy your holiday. =)
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