Thursday, June 22, 2006

One Week In One Post [Huge Nugget Update]

Just returned to Llanstadwell [West Wales] after a 10-hour drive from Brighton [Southeast England]. It's pretty much from one end of the UK to another.

I'm going to try and summarise everything into one post. :P
My nugget updates as I call 'em.
Wish me luck.


Two calls from SP my catsitter: one funny, one not funny.

The first call:
"Your Pip a bit siao siao* one. One day she's nice, next day she's nasty, and on the first day she runs away from home. I have to postpone her sterilisation at the vet's because she became very aggressive, for your info. Don't worry, I'll get it done next week."

This is hilarious coming from a highly experienced cat rescuer and foster. SP has dealt with pretty much the entire gamut of feline behaviour. I wonder what crazy, "very aggressive" shenanigans Pip must have come up with to give SP second thoughts about going near her.

"And there's another one, this naughty cat who beats up Teddy and likes to vomit. He loses his temper and SCREAMS at me when it's time to put all the cats back in their room... All your other cats are very nice and easygoing, it's just these two are so temperamental... His name is Doe? He and Pip are siblings?! [Shocked silence] Oh I see. Runs in the family huh."

*siao: a term from the Hokkien dialect meaning "mad", which is very apt for Pip


SP's second phone call [the not funny one] was to inform me that another rabbit of mine, Thimble, died suddenly.

We were in Wimbledon [West London] when we heard the news. The husband and I were quite morose that night.


We were at Southampton's High Street when we walked past a tabletop dancing club called "For Your Eyes Only". Oh, the sleaze!!!

Two doors down was a Far East cuisine restaurant that cheekily called itself "For Your Thais Only". Oh, the grease!!!


Okay okay, you heartless readers, I know you don't care about me or my holiday, you just want the CAAAAAAAAAATS.

Tsk! Fortunately for you, I have taken many cat [and other] pics that I shall be very glad to post for your pleasure, tomorrow. I promise!

Eh, I've just returned from a 10-hour journey after one week of hurtling from Pembroke to Poole, Southampton, London, Brighton and back here. Be nice. ;)

So. A picture post tomorrow.
For now, I can really feel the fatigue weighing down on me.
Off to bed.

ps - Just to say that my notice of resignation ends 21 June. Which means that I am now officially unemployed. Huzzah!

Yeah, you've read our minds. We just want the cat pics. Muahahahaha....

When I come back to Singapore, Pip will get you all.

you are so right, catdonna. i dun really care about scenery pics.

i just wanna see cat pictures... and prob you? cos i have never met you before...

sorry to hear about the passing of thimble.
Sorry about poor Thimble. Sounds like Pip and Doe want YOU and no substitutions! We like lotsa pictors, efun the ones wifout cats. But why do beans take any pictors wifout cats?
ksn: that would be cool. I'd love to meet you too. [Not on the blog though, me not photogenic. Blah.] In fact, maybe the cat bloggers should have a get-together someplace nice... Okay let's try to plan it for before you go to Japan.

victor: Pip and Doe are stuck up little brats! I'm sure you're much cuddlier and friendlier than that. I like pics too, and I'll try to post more up soon.
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