Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm Back!

Very, very jet lagged.

The good thing about coming home is seeing them at the door waiting patiently for your return.
Welcome back!!!
Welcome, welcome, now please get down to work and post some pictures of Pip and the kittens so that we an see them cuties again. *grin*

Thank you, and hope you enjoyed your nice holiday. :)
Hehehe...everyone only wants the kitten pictures.
welcome back! when do you start new job? we should meet up before then...
kxbc: maybe your cats will wait at the door. Mine just jumped off the walls and tried to run out the house and play. To be fair, though, I *think* they were happy to see us. :P

cat_aunty: Thx! I look forward to catching up with your blog.

auntie_p: Hehehe. Pics coming up once the husband tells me where he uploaded them... I can't find the recent ones. Fingers crossed.

ksn: yes let's! It will be fun. I'll let you know soon.
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