Wednesday, June 14, 2006



The pics I owe. Here they are!!!!!!!!

After this pic was taken, he came over and licked my hand and smiled at me with his puppy dog eyes

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier I met at Haverfordwest. He's so friendly and cute I wanna wrap him in a DFS plastic carrier and smuggle him home.

On the wall

Mr Black Cat, about 11 pm, Llanstadwell cemetery. Creepy kinda cute.

In a shady corner out of the wind

Mr BC the next day, same venue. Not so creepy and mega cute.

Llanstadwell church is about 1000+ years old

Another view: along the estuary

We're staying next door to the church at the vicarage. You can see it in the second photo if you squint [sorry, the church kinda blends in with the scenery], the largish, victorian-looking double-storey house near the centre of the pic. It's pretty, isn't it?

We go to the beach quite frequently.
[Notice I'm wearing a string bikini? Thereby hangs a tale. Keep reading.]

Cliffs and sea: This is Dale West

Today the waves were good for surfing: about 8 to 10 feet high and they just CRASH on you. Rip currents are common here and they can really suck you out into the open sea.

That happened to me today... I was happily paddling with the waves and before I knew it, I was swept out quite far away. I was out in the freezing cold, deep seawater, with waves crashing on my head and pushing me under every few seconds. I could hardly see my pals on the beach [they were tiny specks] and the water was too choppy to call for help.

For a moment, I really thought this might be the end. It took a frighteningly long time to swim back until I could feel the sand under my feet.

I went back and my friends told me they did see me go under and get swept out by the tide. And like the true buddies they were, THEY STOOD AROUND AND TOOK PICTURES!!!

*mutters under breath*

Best of all, the waves were pounding so hard my bikini top AND bottom got yanked off, and it happened so many times I gave up adjusting my bits. Yes, I was a NUDIE-RUDIE ON THE BEACH HAR HAR!!! Thankfully I didn't actually lose 'em, they just all slipped down and looked embarrassing on the wrong parts of my body. Heh heh.

Good old British summers: unpredictable. The past few days have been cloudy, wet and cold. It's a nice change, though.

It's about midnight here so I'm off to bed. Good night all.


It looks like a nice, rustic place. But isn't it too cold for a bikini??
Gosh, my human pet is jealous! She wants to go so badly!
I noticed the tomb stones around the church are placed far apart...that's culture shock! Hur hur hur!! ;P

So cold and yet so brave of you.
cat_aunty: yes, it's definitely too cold for a bikini, and only crazy vain people like me will still wear them and go in the water. It's not so bad if you're only tanning though.

zeus: My, you're travelling a lot too ;) No wonder Marina wants to take a holiday. Term break should be soon, right? How about buying her a surprise ticket to somewhere nice? :)

auntie p: Lots of space here. Culture shock, for sure. But it's lovely here, which is why I'm being "brave" [read: nuts] about trying out things. Hehehe.
the staffie is BEAUTIFUUUUL!. I sooo want him. And I want to live in Wales.....yes, to have that staffie and to live in Wales....heaven...i'm in heaven!
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