Sunday, May 14, 2006

When It Rains, It Pours

So many things have happened in the past few weeks and I haven't been able to update this here mine blog or even read other cat blogs so if my posts appear horrendously out of touch with everything eg, Oh what a useful thing is electricity or What do you mean, the earth is not flat? then I am to request humbly your patience and understanding and kind support thank you so much okay enough.

*deep breath*

So these things happened/are happening [kind of in chronological order... as far as I remember]:

  1. I started the process of leaving my job [tying up loose ends, handing over etc... funny thing is, I still haven't told my bosses and I don't intend to, yet. Ha ha!]
  2. I was a presiding officer at the recent elections [lots of training and on the day itself, working 6 am to 8 pm with only two 15-min breaks for ALL DAY]
  3. My 14-year-old bitch Mick suffered a minor stroke and a series of fits; we almost lost her; in fact, we still might
  4. I underwent wisdom tooth surgery that was far more traumatic than the previous time; I am still recovering painfully and I'm NOT PRETTY!!!!!!!!!
  5. Pip, Hazel and Fiver are ill with suspected coccidiosis [that's another post for another time]

Lots of times I sat in front of my happy humming computer thinking to myself, Okay it's really time I came up with something for the blog or people will think I dropped dead somewhere remote. And then no one will read my blog and I will have no more reason for living.

Heehee kidding.
But seriously, I did try, only the posts never came.
I think I was just too tired/distracted/painfully lump-faced.
I have lotsa pics though. Here they come.


Heehee looking good Pip and Co. I especially love the pix of Pip licking Hazel ( or is it Fiver?) And Hazel ( Fiver? ) has a little tummy!!
Whah where have you been woh? I just saw you have a new post and I almost hugged the laptop! ( I know I have no life. ) Anyway, glad to have you back. Missed you and Princess Pipperina!
Good to have you back! Fiver and Hazel have grown AMAZINGLY! And I too have noticed that huge hanging belly on that little one. ;)

~5-Cat Style
It's great to have you back, Miss CatDonna. The human pet, Isis, and I all missed reading about your kitties, but we figured something was going on in your real life to keep you from sharing your stories. We hope everything works out for you with your job and that the kitties get well soon! (We're sure they will when they have you to take care of them!)
Welcome back!!!
Catdonna, good to have you back. The kittens are sooo cute...sometimes they look more orangey in the photos (another incriminating evidence?). Hope everyone recovers and get back to health soon.
hello hello, look who's back. i no.1 congrats! i envy you lor...

no.2 i can understand how tough it was, but i also know how well the officers were being paid! so dont complain lah ;)))

no.3 oh dear, i hope everything will be ok for her soon.

no.4 how many days mc you got ah?

no.5 coccidia can be quite serious. weiwei and his bros had coccidia when they were young and they just kept ls-ing...
The whole family is so good looking. Welcome back cat. We hope everything will come together ok soon.
CatDonna, we all get overwhelmed and have to take a time out. That's what catnaps are for! Pip and the Pipettes look wunerful. Better health fur all.
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