Saturday, April 15, 2006

"The Worst Day of My Life"

I'm guessing that's what the title would be if one of the kitties wrote this.

Before I post the latest photoshoot of Hazel and Fiver [which, by the way, was A BIT OF A DISASTER] I need to be fair and chronicle the recent sterilisations of Chocolate, Lucie and Boonie. Polly went along for her review and blood test.

9:38 am - The Trip To The Vet
was pure kitten melodrama. Choc and Polly were okay and settled into their shared carrier. Lucie ambled into hers quite uneventfully.

Boonie took one look at the carrier and decided there was NO WAY IN HELL he was entering the Dungeon of Doom. This is strange, because he'd played in it before; but Boonie probably could sense something wasn't right this time.

I took some time off work to take them to the vet, and came home to find the husband gently coaxing Boonie, who stood firm outside the carrier, squealing and protesting. During this time, Lucie decided maybe Boonie was right and she should leave, so she calmly toddled out the carrier and went to hide.

Time to be heartless. I just grabbed the boy and shoved. Boonie glared at me, two golden marbles of kitty resentment peering out of the dark carrier.

Then all four screamed and wailed in the car all the way to the vet, Boonie and Lucie leading the chorus. I'd never heard them sound so desperate before. After a while they stopped crying and starting purring loudly to comfort themselves, which sounded even more pitiful. I snuck a look at Boonie and Lucie. They were shivering with fear.

It's not exactly their fault because B + L are almost entirely hand-raised, and have never actually stepped out the house before [their last trip was for vaccs in February, and it was short]. But still, CatDonna must play the villainess.

6:55 pm - Back Home
They were all clearly traumatised to different degrees. Polly was okay once we reached home; she bounded out the carrier and went for a drink and wee. On the other extreme was Chocolate, who hunched up in the carrier for about half an hour before coming out, and then running to hide in the washing machine.

Lucie and Boonie gingerly crawled out their carrier and began hissing/spitting at each other and the rest of the kitties. The redirected aggression was expected after such trauma so I just left them alone for a while to regroup, before feeding them a light meal.

Boonie evidently suffered more from the emotional and psychological pain of abandonment, rather than the actual surgery. As I've mentioned before, our little Casanova is quite the sociable and talkative kitty, so I think the perceived "dumping" hit hard. He wouldn't stop talking and grumbling, raising his voice frequently - like he really needed the talk therapy to get things off his little chest. Or at least to tell me loudly what he really thought of me, evil villainess. And he was pretty clingy for a day or two, following either cat or human anywhere we went.

Lucie and Chocolate were a bit worrying though. They went to hide, and refused both food and water. My other cats weren't this weak after their surgeries. So I had to hunt 'em down and syringe a honey water solution down their throats. They took about three days to recover, and they've both lost weight. Poor things.

Oh before I forget - Polly's ALT count has dropped further from 232 to 160 units. The upper limit for a normal reading is 100. For you new readers or those with short memories, Polly has a congenitally weak liver and ALT measures blood toxicity. So this is a good thing. Milk thistle is a good thing. Heehee.

OKAY okay I know this is a boring post, the "today I picked my belly button and I'm gonna knit a small sock with my findings" type of inane rambling you would FULLY EXPECT to read from a stereotypical Crazy Cat Woman. Indulge me please, I only do this very occasionally. :)

Results of Hazel and Fiver coming up. Did I mention it was a bit of a disaster?

Akan Datang: Please be patient, we are only baby kittens


ps - CHOCOLATE has made her debut over at The Attack of the Tabbies. Check it out!

Wow. Choc looks very sleek in that blue komono - very the lady-like. I am amazed she kept so stil for the pic. :))
I cannot imagine bringing so many to the vet. Today I broght Toro for his booster. One cat at a time. :)
Aiyoh the poor dears! Mera and Hat were alright after the snip-snip, just throwing up everywhere, and appetite back to normal after the first night. It must have been so traumatic for Lucie Boonie and Choc!! Hope they recover soon.
Boonie is no different than my companion feline, Isis. Isis refuses to go anywhere near the carrier, and if she sees it, that's her cue to go run and hide in the most unconvenient location for my human pet. I'm impressed how you handled all of the kitties to and from the vet!

Congratulations on Polly's low ALT count! I hope the little one keeps getting better!
I need to take Boy for his annual (more than a year liao!) check-up and Kaku for the increasing loss of fur around her pee pee region (overgrooming I think). Need to buy another carrier...

The babies look so cute. :D

Glad you survived Vet Visit Day. It sounded very dramatic!
you survived! let's celebrate! hey, it's not easy, i know...

kudos to catdonna the villianess!

we want more! we want more! (pictures lah)
Poor Boonie. You're a eunuch now too? Like poor me? *sobs*

Chang Chang
san: That's Choc's personality for you. She's gentle, quiet and docile. But look in her eyes and you can tell she's streetsmart, too. A lovely girl. :)

cat_aunty: L + B are much better now. So is Choc. They say thx for your concern!

zeus: Thx for dropping by. I've just checked out your blog and have linked you up. Thx for linking us too! Lotsa ear skritchies for you. :)

As I am typing this with Boonie lying on the desk, he suddenly decides to sneeze all over my arm. THANKS, moron. *wipes arm*

three: I guess with seven cats and two kittens, every vet visit will be kinda eventful... the alternative is bringing one cat at a time, which takes forever. I hope Kaku is alright. Have you tried applying Bitter Lemon on the affected part?

ksn: Coming soon! But be warned. My pics not as nice as yours ok. Pla don't complain when you see 'em... :P

kxbc: Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Boonie doesn't seem very affected leh. Guess I managed to get him done before his "awakening". Teehee!!!! *heng ah*
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