Monday, April 10, 2006

Quickie Nuggets

Very quickly now.


Was helping out at the cat show yesterday at the Singapore Expo. You may have been there. I was with the Cat Welfare Society: they had a merchandise booth cum adoption drive. As usual, my job was "crowd control" aka Door Bitch to stop too many people from crowding into the adoption area and spooking the cats.

This show was a good one: I didn't have to deal with too many rude people [in fact I don't remember any outstandingly awful person], and WE GOT ABOUT 20 CATS ADOPTED!!! Excellent response. Is that cool or what. :)

I met Sh***** of 5-Cat Style and The Flyer [will play safe and keep names secret, heh heh]. We were both kinda busy with the volunteering stuff so chatted for a short while before jetting off again.

It's good to see you again, Sh*****. Actually I didn't get your name mixed up, I definitely knew your name wasn't Sa*****, it was just me being very airheaded on a Sunday afternoon. Oops sorry. ;)


Can someone tell me why I seem to scare the men? Not that I mind, but still.


Hazel and Fiver are well. Their eyes are opening, so that's Cuteness Factor X 1000.

Pics coming up soon. Me taking break after looong Catrix effort. Teehee.


And can someone tell me why people think I'm lesbian? Not that I mind, but still.


Went shopping after a LOOONG time of scrimping and saving. We've invested in a building fund, and had to watch the income very carefully these few months. But I let myself go a bit 'cause I felt so good after the cat show [20 CATS ADOPTED, OKAY] and wanted to celebrate.

After the happy haze of retail therapy lifted I found myself the proud owner of:

Mmmm. Shopping. I love.

Now, to wait for this month's paycheque.


Choc, Lucie and Boonie are going for their sterilisations this Wednesday because I can finally afford it.


And that's all.


GOOD JOB! No real cats to see and 20 cats being adopted! You guys must be working so hard! Good to hear you are doing something for yourself after the Piplets drama. Good luck to Choc, Lucie and Bonnie for the snip snip exercise! Take care.
Good to hear you're having some fun now. Retail therapy never fails to boosts one's spirits (esp. if you're a woman!)!

Wish I did turn up at the adoption drive. I'm happy that 20 cats were adopted.
Hi CatDonna! :D

It was good seeing you too. Don't worry about that split sec when you thought I might have been Sa*****. I wasn't my best that day either... was delirious from a severe lack of sleep actually.

Hahaha! I always see you doing crowd control at these drives. I remember you saying you needed a change from that. How about trying your hand at the Merchandise booth next time?

How's the work situation?

And fantastic to hear that Pip and her darlings are flourishing! :)

~5-Cat Style
Okie, I get you're single, not lesbian and looking for a bf?
Eh, anything else I missed? *tongue in cheek* :PPP
cat_aunty: oops I should have clarified. There were about 20+ cats in cages up for adoption, besides the posters of other cats that 5CS mentioned. Only 5 cats were left by the end, so about 20 got adopted. I dunno about the "poster cats" though... prob good business too!

cat: shopping is God's gift to woman. Now if only we could have a heck of a lot more money... :)

5CS: I think next time I wanna sell things, too. Not explain for the 4983736th time why YOU CAN'T COME IN JUST TO LOOK, SIR, YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND COMPLAIN I DON'T GIVE A MONKEY'S ASS. Work still not looking up, but I'll be okay. Pip says hello! Thx for your concern. :)

auntie p: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Heehee. Thx for the laugh, I really needed it! Actually I'm married. :D I was just wondering about recent incidents lah... local guys seem quite terrified of me in social situations, and some lesbians have, umm, been VERY FRIENDLY. Eh?!?!?!?!
Some "poster" cats were pretty popular. Most were not. Not having the actual cats there simply isn't as powerful. But this really is for the sake of not stressing them out from being caged all day.

We are all thinking very hard on how to pull this better. So suggestions are most welcomed.

By the way, CatDonna, I was just thinking about that sweet old man at the adoption drive... which cat did he pick in the end?

~5-Cat Style
Just a suggestion about the stressed cats due to the whole day caging and on "display".

Would it be feasible if they are "displayed" on a rotation/shift basis, say, for 2 hours then another 2 hours in say, the backroom (if there is any). But their photos can still be put up all day so that when they are not on "display", interested parties can still enquire based on the photos.

Or what about 5 min video clips of each cat available for adoption? If it can be done, the cats do not even have to be present at all.

Just my 5 cents. :)

5CS: Mr Old Man decided to get on the CWS website instead and make a well-informed decision. So he took a brochure, thanked us and ambled off. :) I think the cat he chooses will be very lucky.

kxbc: thanks for your suggestions! A lot depends on the space we're alloted for each cat show, you see. While a back room would be ideal, we haven't had that luxury. To be fair though, none of the other booths have extra rooms either... exhibition halls like the Expo don't really have them, I think.
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