Sunday, April 23, 2006


Sorry for the relatively long silence here. Some things I just want you to know, so you don't think I ACTUALLY GOT LYNCHED HUR HUR HUR:

So my comments on the previous post have come pretty late. Sorry my dear readers. As you know I make it a point, as much as I can, to respond to everyone. I'm really encouraged with the responses on the previous post. Thanks again, all of you who came forward to speak your minds and share your hearts. You guys are great! :)

Hand aching. Oww. Gotta go. Just a quick update on Hazel and Fiver though.
THEY'RE LEARNING TO WALK!!!!11111oneone11
So now they're stumbling and lurching around like tiny drunks in their box, which is rapidly becoming too small for them. Hazel's also starting to chew anything in his way, including Fiver's head, Mummy's tail, side of box, etc etc.
I think the baby teeth are next.

They're even learning to wrestle with each other, although they are frankly lousy at it.

Will post as soon as I can, and once they're willing to cooperate.


How exciting that the two of them are having their "firsts" already! I hope they don't beat each other up too badly in their efforts to grow up!
take care, catdonna.

wrestling is the cutest kitten stage! my sick ones so lethargic. i am still waiting for them to play with each other.
Yoohoo Catdonna! How about a photo update of Gladys, Knight and the shd be Hazel, Fiver & the Pip, pls? ;)
Take care of your fingers! Mom sumtimes hits backspace wif one finger so much, her finger starts hurting. So she hits it wif a different finger. Try some fur and purr therapy.
As for waiting for kittens to cooperate... KITTENS... COOPERATE??? You HAVE been working too hard :-)
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