Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Out with the Old... In with the New

Dear friends who read this blog,

thank you all very much for your kindness and concern.

I wasn't looking for sympathy in my previous post, just venting my frustration at the prospect of two more kitties to feed and eventually, to shift. So was very surprised and touched at the amazing support I've received online. Thank you all. Hugs to everyone!

After the initial shock had subsided, I pretty much got up and back into things - it's the way I am. Life doesn't get me down for too long. :)

Right now [and for the next couple months], Pip and kittens have the guest bedroom all to themselves. Pip only comes out for short breaks to mingle, stretch the legs and she's back in again. The other cats sniff her like crazy, whenever they can, and are starting to accept the fact that they have newcomers.

The Small Newcomer [L] and the Big Newcomer [R]. Notice the umbilical cord.

Pip has two kittens, both male [I think], brown-grey-tabby-and-white tricolours with very characteristic mackerel tabby patterns. So much so that their paternity is pretty much pointing one way towards... oh I'll let you know soon, let me try and get the photos taken for photographic evidence first.

Good news to report! The vet's initial prognosis for the weaker kitty's survival was 50-50, but after 48 hours' stomach tube-feeding he got stronger and now he's suckling by himself. He's still only two-thirds the size of the bigger kitten, but catching up a little.

Go Fiver!

For now, their names are Hazel [the bigger one] and Fiver [the smaller one], after two of the main characters in Watership Down.

They don't do much, just suckle and nap and go "eep" when Pip cleans them and "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!" when she lies on them by accident.

Hazel [L] and Fiver [R] getting busy

Pip's a fantastic loving mother. She's utterly devoted to her babies, and she's doing a marvellous job taking care of all their needs. But she also allows me to go near and do the necessary, eg checking babies for cleft palates, changing the towels etc - thank goodness for our very close relationship. To Pip, I'm her mother so that's not surprising.


Still, I'm not allowed to spend too much time touching the kittens. Pip only gives me about a minute to hold them in my hands, then this strange glint comes into her eyes and she fixes on me a dull and dangerous glare: I want my babies back NOW. I've never seen that look on her face before the babies came, and so I return them to her. Immediately.

Pip's grown up.

Some things don't change, though. She definitely hasn't lost the obnoxious princess personality. Four times a day I mash KMR with canned Avoderm into a paste for Her Royal Lactating Highness and tiptoe quietly into the guest bedroom. Pip's in the box with the babies, usually lying on her side. She looks up and meows at me gently; I walk over and start feeding the brat with a spoon. And she'll lap it all. Lying down. She won't even GET UP to eat because she knows there's a dumb servant-woman here who will literally spoon-feed her as much as she wants, all the time.

Feel the love

And that's my life for now.


That is so wonderful.

My brother picked up an abandonee and it did not survive. I think it was female. I suspect we were not given appropriate information at the pet shop near my house. It was also too late to bring it to a vet.

I'm glad your kitties are doing well.
You all sound and look well. You seem to have your hands full of cats. I can't imagine having to take care of so many. Bujang is right now inviting me to play hide and seek. I suppose I have to go play or he will find some way to make me play. :) I think slave-woman is the absolute right name for it. :)) Good luck Catdonna.
Oooh... Such cuties! Great job with Fiver, CatDonna! :D I think I see quite a nice swell for a belly on both of them in that last pic.

And not forgetting the dear Mommy... Sayangs for darling Pip too!

~5-Cat Style
Oh they are so sweet. :D I love baby kittens but we'll probably never have any. We sterilised our kids from 5-6.5 months just to be sure there would be no kittens. I had to beg the vet to do it. In the US I think they do it at 2 months - early spay and neuter.

There are joys of motherhood and I think Pip is enjoying it. :D I am having a human one so my thoughts are with Pip being a first-time same-species mother.

Don't feel badly. You have two beautiful grandsons! :D It is a wondrous occasion. Congrats grandma! :D
It's very nice meeting Hazel and Fiver! Keep us posted on their growing up will ya? Cheers.
Look at those little feet, so cute ~Poi Mom Jane
Oh lovely....only two kittens in the litter? I thought it was usually 4 to 6. Anyway, Pip looks mellowed and MOTHERLY...and glad to hear that the babies are doing well. Who the father eh? Take care to all in the family, human-slave and cats alike.
Catdonna, good on you! And Pip's looking like the beautiful new mum with her beautiful babies. I'll definitely tune in to check on who's the father. Heheh...
You sound like one happy Grandmother!! Enjoy the lil' ones, and keep us posted on whodunnit. Take care!

- Mama Piggy
The kittens are looking good with their full stomachs. The vet said a well fed kitten's tummy is like a little golf ball :)

If both are boys, wouldn't Hazel be more of a feminine name? hehehe......

Glad you, Pip and the kittens are doing well. Very sure they will add lots of happy moments to your life very soon.

If they have dark brown classic tabby swirls, wouldn't their daddy be Bryan? But a bit too young???? Maybe it's Teddy, the orange water melon!!!!
Dear Catdonna,
You said "I wasn't looking for sympathy in my previous post, just venting my frustration at the prospect of two more kitties to feed and eventually, to shift. So was very surprised and touched at the amazing support I've received online. Thank you all. Hugs to everyone!"

My reply: Commiseration is godo for the soul, and mind.

Take care, and love to Pip, Hazel and Fiver,

calsifer (the speaking half of purrsNswipes)
Congrats CatDonna, welcome to grannyhood ;)
Cuties! Ok, so you're spoilin Pip... she deserves a little spoilin right now. Look what she did! Mom, was I once that small? Really? Bonnie, too? WOW.
I was looking at these photos of Pip and her babies again, and my pc was streaming "The greatest love of all" by George Benson, and I was thinking: what's on my pc screen personifies one of the greatest love - the love of a mummy, and not forgetting grand-mummy's love for all the 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds at home. :)
Hi everyone! Okay here goes.

k+d: Very kind of your bro to try and help, sorry the cat died. Normally I would send any cat I picked up to the vet immediately. Good to play safe. Not all pet shop people really know about or care for animals, unfortunately.

san: Have fun! Somehow I think we humans suck at it compared to cats.

5CS: Pip says *purrr*

three: Oh I didn't know! Must be wonderful to be a mother... hope my congrats aren't too terribly late. I'm still looking for a vet who will do early sterilisations. Any lobang?

celeste, one of us: I'll be posting more pics definitely. Have some evil pic ideas already. Heh....

cat aunty, auntie p, kootoo, kxbc: *ahem* the identity of the father will be announced shortly and he will be held accountable for the trouble caused to The House of CatDonna!!!

kxbc: Actually, Hazel & Fiver are names of rabbits.... heh...

calsifer: This kind of support I've got is priceless, and I really appreciate everyone of ya.

cat: Gah I am old. I know! I know!

victor: I'm sure your Mom will let you know how tiny and lovely you & Bonnie were, and are! *skritches*

auntie p: Fwah. Macam music video. Sweet.

:) :) :)
I sent my little monsters for neutering/spaying when they were around 6 months of age and healthy & strong enough to survive the operation. For the girl kitties, it will definitely be before their first heat. So far the vets had not commented that they were too young to be neutered.

XX & BB were neutered at E****d T*n (very good work; the incisions were so small) and CC & YY had theirs at Com*****n A****l S*****y. No bad after effect at all. XX & YY were up and fighting after a few hours of rest. BB & CC took around a week to recover.

I think 6 months of age is a good time for neutering/spaying/
Thanks CatDonna. I get funny stares when I waddle around (8 months liao) in my SPCA cat t-shirt which says Adoption Saves Lives. :D

All 4 younger kids (Boy's was at Mt. P many many moons ago) were sterilised by Dr Eugene in ARC at Greenwood Avenue. I even watched little Kaku's op when she was 5.5 months.

Sam was sterilised at 5 months. He has the typical long legs that early spay/neuters have.

Tux and Buddy were done at 6.5 months.

All recovered well.

I like CAS too. Dr Edmund is very good.
Dr Edmund of CAS has 2 cats at home so he understands the concerns of cat owners very well. I always try to get him whenever I bring them for checkups.
OK, I bet $5 Teddy is the dad.
I bet 20 kibbles Teddy is THE ONE.

Meow, Kim Kim
Such adorable kittens!!!! awwwwww.... you are one lucky grandma!

I will bet one whole pack of kibbles on Teddy too! Pip is bi-colour black and white, means she has no red gene. Since red gene is on X chromosome, AND it doesn't come from Pip, it has to be from the father. AND this means the father MUST MUST MUST be ginger!!! and who else can that be? hahahahhaha....

Calico male kittens are really rare. If the kittens are really male, they are very very likely... hmm... to be nature-made enunchs... hhaahhaha...
Oh ho ho ho! Gambling! I LIKE.

With two more mouths to feed, I need a second job. I guess a betting ring's not so bad. :D

Whatever the result is, I get a 50% cut from everyone okay. I NEED THE MONEY!!!!!oneoneone111

cat_aunty: You mean five [thousand] USD right?

Kim Kim: Do your parents approve of this? I think you might be underaged. I don't wanna get in trouble with the police you know!

bluemistz: I... am... stunned. *jawdrop* Your knowledge of genetic stuff is pretty cool.

HOWEVER!!! I can't say yet if anyone's right. Red gene, hey? Well Boonie's a black tabby with some gold-red stripes, AND HE'S UNSTERILISED. [He's getting snipped next week.] Teddy, on the other hand, was snipped two months ago.

*whistles nonchalantly*

*looks out the window*

So how about Boonie? Any takers?
Eh bluemistz, X chromosome found in Teddy? I'm getting forgetful liao..

Teddy was snipped 2 mths ago. Hmm..how long is the gestation period for cats? Gotta do the math puzzle. ;)
20 more kibbles on Teddy. Boonie's stripes don't match with the classic tabby swirls on the young ones. Teddy has classic tabby stripes.

Gestation period for cats is 60 days. So technically Teddy can still do it before he got snipped. May have been his last one. hehe...

From another classic tabby, Kim Kim
i can't believe it that some of you's missed out the mackeral tabby markings which CatDonna talked about. does Teddy has mackeral tabby markings? DUH!

eh Catdonna, belated congrats, and now you allow Other/Anonymous postings too! yippeee! *smack*
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yes auntie P!x chromosome in teddy! males are x-y, while females are x-x. The red gene is on the x. and it's dominant. Therefore, if a male cat is ginger, his x chromosome will definitely have red gene.

As for the pattern... hmm... that is more tricky. Because Pip is black and white, it's very hard to see what pattern she is. What I can say is, mackeral is more dominant than classic pattern. Babies being mackeral does not rule out Teddy even if he is classic! my bet is still on Teddy! Because Boonie, being tortie, is highly likely to be infertile! hahahahha... so a nice strong teddy seems more likely. Keep us updated!
Wah sai, free lessons on cat genealogy.....thought Bonnie is too young....
if Boonie is too young, then it's highly surprising that spayed cats like Teddy could still be effective in impregnating un-spayed cats.

going by that logic is it of any wonder, why Town Councils still trap tipped-ear cats and throw them into the AVA?

er, right, please raise your hand if anyone out there doesn't understand me - i know sometimes my england can be too cheem to the average person.
Well, I beg to defer. hahaha...
Pregnancy in cats takes place about a week more than 60 days. maybe around 63-67 days? So it is possible that Teddy impregnant Pip BEFORE he was snipped. I do not mean to imply that a spayed cat can impregnant un-spayed cats. hahahha....

erm.. does that make sense?

Oh my... catdonna, i think I am addicted to your blog! I keep coming back to check for new kitten photos! :P
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A vet just told me a couple days ago that a sterilised tom can STILL impregnate a female on heat, up to SIX WEEKS after the snip!!!

Why does nobody tell me these things earlier AAAGGGHHH WHY WHY WHY

*bangs head on wall repeatedly*

ps- to be honest, I'm not too good with recognising tabby patterns. I mean, what's the difference between mackerel and classic tabby patterns again? Me blur.
Cat Donna, you've got to read this then to be able to differentiate classic from mackerel. Teddy is a classic and so are the young ones. Oh, Teddy is the culprit? 40 kibbles already on Teddy. hehehe...

eh the letter b, the rest of us are not really idiots you know? we can all understand every single thing you are saying.
anyway, to catdonna, your kittens are really cute
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