Friday, April 14, 2006

Long Weekend + Baby Pip and Doe

NOTE: I forgot to say. Yes it's Teddy. Two weeks ago at the vet's, I found out that males are still fertile up to six weeks after neutering.

Oh God why does no one tell me things I really need to know, when I really need to know.
AGH WHY WHY WHY *bangs head repeatedly against wall*

Original post follows.


Gah. I just woke up. Don't we all love long weekends. :)

Umm, sorry about not posting for some time. Been busy and too distracted to post. Things are moving fast at work, there are immense challenges and even problems, but I'm moving in a direction I like.

I was meaning to do up a photoshoot of Hazel and Fiver, now that their eyes are open and their ears have unfolded. They're two weeks old and finally out of the "wrinkly pink shrimp-like creatures" phase. They're round and cute and all furry now. Noisier too.

UNFORTUNATELY [insert furious roaring/stone-throwing here], the husband left the house early this morning for his community work with kids and took the digicam. So now I'm lost.

So to avoid death by furiously roaring, stone-throwing crowds [not that you lovely readers are like that, but it is Good Friday after all] I shall post some baby pics of Pip and Doe here. Like so:

This is Baby Pip at about 3 to 4 weeks old. Her eyes are still blue [before they changed to green], and I love how she looks like she's smiling. This was taken less than a year ago, and now she's a mother. Amazing.

[And yes that is MY FAT ARM holding her. Indeed you are all correct it is FAT. Okay I know already be quiet.]

Kitten Pip had this strange habit, when she was thinking or zoning out, of lying on her side and propping her little head up with her paws like some ancient Eastern philosopher. Here she is at 6 weeks:

"And [her] eyes have all the seeming, of a demon's that is dreaming"
- Edgar Allen Poe, "The Raven"

She still does it once in a while, but not so much now that there are babies. With two furry balls of squealing love, who's got the time to philosophise?

Pip flaunted cattitude since day 1. Her brother Doe, on the other hand, was the sweetest little thing.

At 7 weeks: Getting ready for the daily weigh-in

When they were kittens, Pip bullied Doe a lot.

Picking fights

Disrupting naps

Ah, the memories.

Speaking of family, my brother returned from Perth yesterday and he'll be back home for a month, before heading back to Australia for the final leg of training. He's on course as a trainee commercial pilot. He's never seen the cats before, and he'll probably visit soon enough.

This should be fun. Hahahahaha!!!!!

The husband's back. Off I go to wrestle the digicam from him. Hazel and Fiver baby pics up soon.

Happy long weekend all,

sO CUTE i love their unique markings
What?!? Males remain fertile up until 6 weeks after neutering??? I didn't know that either!

How are the rest of the cats dealing with Hazel & Fiver?
we want pics! we want pics!
Aiyoh, Pip was her high and mighty self since kittenhood....
Anon: I agree! I've always believed that every animal has its own unique beauty, and we don't actually need to buy a pedigree pet to appreciate a cat's natural good looks. So I support longkang cats. :)

cat: We learn something new everyday ya... :) All the kitties are very interested, but don't quite know how to deal with tiny babies. They just sit and stare at 'em.

ksn: Welcome back! Love your Japan posts and pics. H+F pics coming soon.

cat_aunty: Yup, cat personalities tend to manifest themselves real early! I'm sure it was the same with your little dears too!
Yeah!!! I won!!! I won!!!!

Now, where's my 40 kibbles? Who's going to fill my empty stomach???

Meow, Kim Kim
Eh, I think it's Teddy who owes you the kibble for exposing his dark deed!!! :) :) :)


Teddy where are you?!

I think he's gone into hiding. He's very frightened now... all the kibble and money he owes everyone for their clever investigations. I mean, he doesn't even know what money is.
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