Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Cannot Make It as a Pet Photographer

Fiver really appreciates my photography skills

Yet another promising career option struck off my ever-dwindling list... Ladies and gentlemen, I give you [ta-ra ta-dah!]:



What? Now?

*sigh* Oh, alright then

First, a bit of milk to keep us going

As I'd mentioned before, Pip and the babies are currently living inside a large box in our guest room. The living room is sunnier though, so that's where I went, taking mother and babies in their box.

It's interesting how Hazel and Fiver's little kitty personalities are already turning out. Hazel's clearly the more outgoing baby. I guess his confidence comes from the fact that he's been the bigger kitten since day 1?

This is Hazel trying to be funny:

The helpless baby hamster pose

The "Call the cops, I'm being strangled to death" pose

Strange how Hazel only started cooperating AFTER I gave up and put him back in the box.

You mean that's all?

Quiet little Fiver, on the other hand, unleashed her inner Mariah once shooting began [Yep, I now think Fiver's a girl. Still hard to say at this stage, though]. Think the kind of high-pitched squealing that woke up even a napping Chocolate:

Lemme go! I hate you! DEVIL WOMAN! I swear I'll break your camera!

Struggling valiantly against The Hand

*whimper* Mommeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I placed Fiver on a sofa cushion so I could have both hands to fiddle with the camera flash. At that moment, Mommy Pip decided to intervene and rescue her blasted screeching brat Fiver:

Don't you fear, Mommy's here

And away we go

Anxious for the safety of her squealing baby, Pip carried Fiver in her mouth and attempted to stuff her under the sofa at first [interesting how Fiver kept quiet at once, even though I think it's far WORSE being bitten on the neck than being held in a human hand, ungrateful beast].

Of course, that didn't work - all the other cats were awake by now and swooped in to investigate. So Pip did what she had to do: she carefully pulled Fiver out from under the sofa and carried her back into the guest room. By the way, when I say carried, I mean "hanging down from your mother's fanged mouth in an extremely uncomfortable position, your head tilted at a severely awkward angle and your backside dragging across the floor".

Sorry, no pics of that - I was laughing too hard to focus.

So that left me and Hazel in his box.

He looked at me.

So how, boss?

I looked at him.


It's okay you know, there's always another time

And we called it a day.

Next time it will be better, we promise



Check out PIP'S debut at The Tuxedo Gang. She's acting all sweet and nice in her self-introduction... hahaha... we'll see how long she can fool anyone.

I've spent this Easter weekend resting a lot at home, enjoying my free time while I can. Hope your weekend's been great, too!


Mwahahahaha! Could you enlighten us if Fiver's left paw was cropped out in the first pix because he/she was showing a certain finger to demonstrate his displeasure?
Awww that is so sweet. And brave mama Pip snatching her kittens away.....
oooooo... the kittens grow so fast! I am glad fiver is catching up! They both have such pretty pattern too. :)
They are both SO ADORABLE!
Fab pix! :D Pip is such a loving, protective Mommy... and the two little ones are absolute cuties.

We want more! We want more!

~5-Cat Style
Oh my God I laughed & laughed! That is a n awesome photo shoot not a bungled one! Seemed you caught all the "action" live & on the spot. Fiver screaming for mama was hilarious even though she was scared out of her little kitty head. And you gotta admire mommas instinctual response. Oh why can't I reach right into the screen and hold them??????? PS: congrats on finding us!!!!
Oh...they are very cute.

Any plans for them? Keep or adopt out?
I don't think this is a bundled photoshoot in the slightest! Your pictures were "mahvelous, dahling". Fiver and Hazel seem like quite the handful, but Mama Pip has them under control. They're just so adorable!
kootoo: Oh gosh. I never saw it that way until you pointed it out. Hahahaha!!!!

cat aunty, bluemistz, celeste, 5CS and SSS: Yeah, after the initial shock I realise I'm actually glad for having them! And yep, I hear ya guys. More pics when I can get 'em!

Dang, these darlin' critters are hard to shoot! :P

kxbc: I dunno... in a dilemma about that. I'm already stuck with Lucie and Boonie, now that H+F have joined us I'm up to nine cats in the house. Gotta find at least an adopter for L+B. If you know anyone pls let me know...? Thx!

zeus: H+F look like they're going to be very mischievous kitties :) Thank goodness Pip's a good mother, even though it's her first time! So I don't need to take care of the babies, just play with 'em!
They is soooooo cute! An mama Pip, too. We laffed at the pix and what you wrote. The kittens were not working wif you - they has catitude! Love 'em.
sorry the next pics will be with the camera's exposure reset so ... I think thats why they were so upset, not got them in their full glory with tell tale father markings. It seems quite easy to tell who follows the mum and who follows the dad ...
They are cute! But seem to have quite an attitude already! What happened to those mild and friendly Teddy genes?
Those are cute little poodies. What attitude, what personality, what communication ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
victor: No, the kitties certainly weren't working with me! I think personality wise they seem to follow the mother more!!!

anon: Thanks for re-setting the camera thingies for me. :)

eric: Hope you enjoyed your trip to Devon! Heehee! I do wonder myself whether the babies will ever be sweet like Ted. Pip has definitely been teaching them some tricks!

one of us: Yeah, like I mentioned earlier, I'm actually happy they're around now. :) Their crazy little stunts really make my day.
weird isn't it? hahah... more work but yet you can't imagine life without them. hahahahha..... I am addicted to my cats. I think you are showing the symptoms too! hahahah
nice ..nice kitties beatiful pictures too! a hug for them! =^^=
i want!!
These are the cutest!
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