Sunday, March 12, 2006


This news is about a week late but whatever!

Someone called me [or did I call her first] and announced that her 12-year-old tortoise laid three eggs in the morning! Is that cool or what!

So OF COURSE I went over to investigate. Heh heh heh.

The tortoise is very protective of her eggies. How sweet.

And all these years we thought "she" was a "he"!

Apparently after I left the tortie laid two more but stepped on one by accident, so now there are four. Ah well. She's a first-timer so we'll let her off on that one.

The owner knows someone who might have a male [subject to ahem, close scrutiny] so we'll see how we go next time. :)


Awwww so sweet....
How exciting! :D I've never known any pet turtle who actually laid eggs. And I do know many of them!

~5-Cat Style
How will the tortise incubate the eggs? Do they, like the turtle, bury in the sand and let Mother Nature do its work? Do they ask the hen for help? Or do they just sit on them? Can a cat keep the egg warm for the tortise? How? How?
cat_aunty: this is a side of the tortie I've never seen before except in documentaries. :)

5CS: I used to keep terrapins when I was young but they never bothered to lay eggs... which brings me to this conclusion: land torties are sexier!!! Haha!!!

kxbc:I checked the Net and apparently the mother should be burying the eggs in soil. Unfortch there isn't any soil in her enclosure, but we'll get that right for the next time.

Asking a cat to incubate eggs sounds like a good idea... for the cats!!! I can imagine Doe playing football with them and Teddy eating them. Yum...
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