Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nugget Updates

Here's when I cobble little bits and pieces over the past few days into a semi-coherent post. Let's get this going!


Polly went to the vet a couple days ago for a check-up; she's started this habit of sitting alone on the couch and meowing very loudly [although she's already sterilised].

This is my cat with the congenitally damaged liver. Lucie and Boonie are half her age, but BIGGER and HEAVIER than her.

Four months ago she'd gone for a blood test that indicated her ALT [I dunno what this means, but it's a measure for toxicity] was 469 units. The upper limit for normal readings is 100.

Polly was immediately put on a regime of liver supplements + digestive enzymes. Apparently they are working: two days ago her ALT result was 223 units. Still some way to go but we are definitely getting there. I'm glad.

Polly being cooperative. For once!

The funny part was when the vet told me to watch out for indications of excessive toxicity, which include impaired functions [meaning the poison's attacking the central nervous system] and "abnormal behaviour", ie she's gone totally off her rocker.

Man, that's hilarious. Polly's always been somewhat mad. She behaves so abnormally, they should have fitted her out for her straitjacket when she was born.


Pip and Doe seem to be on the warpath with almost everyone. Keeping an eye out, but not worried: They've always been the Moody Twins.

I can hear Polly snarling and beating the crap out of a wailing Doe right now. You don't want to antagonise the resident loony, my boy.


This comes a bit late, but Celeste has lost a dear little cat. She's been rather sad, but she's getting better.

Tango is finally at peace. We at CatDonna's Cats wish you well.


Cat of the House of Chaos is having a great time UTTERLY DESTROYING the myth that cat ladies have no life. GO CAT GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!


I won't link to that blog, but I've just read an account of a young female [non-cat] blogger who just got into a car accident. She was shady about the details, but from what I can infer, it seems drink driving was involved. She'd just got her licence, she mentioned that she's learnt not to mix drinks and medication, and she promised to "take better care of [her]self from now on".

While reading about her experience, the thought crossed my mind that irresponsible people deserve everything they get.

Five years ago, I was involved in an accident with a drunk driver. My car was totalled. No one was injured.

But if my reaction had been a couple of seconds slower, I would have been hit directly by the oncoming drunk driver's car. I could have been severely injured. I could have died.

I'm not wasting my time reading her blog anymore.


So what's our girl doing up there, you think?

Answer: Pip's onto a new hobby - watching me shower. She climbs onto the top of the shower partition. If she had opposable thumbs I swear she would bring popcorn.

Hurry up with the show already, woman

There are eerie comparisons I could make with a certain movie where a woman is stabbed to death in the shower by a *ahem*Psycho*COUGH*. But I won't go there.

Today's Thursday, which is neither here nor there, but we're almost at the end of the week! Happy planning for the weekend!


hang in there, pretty polly.
Whoa, the intense look in those eyes of yours, Comrade Pip!! :)
I hope all's well with poor Polly ...
I hope Polly stabilises and recovers completely. And Pip is an absolute cutie! At least it'll never get lonely in the shower for you. ;)

~5-Cat Style
Aiyoh Pip, so weird that I recall, the cat that we had when we were young enjoyed looking at us in the bathroom too....
Hi all, thanks for your concern for Polly! Well like I said, the vet suspects she's had this all her life. It's still an open question as to how much her liver can improve, but I'll do my best.

animalfamily: Polly has a will of iron. She's been through a lot with this bad liver, and she's never given up. Thx for your encouragement, she'll hang in there and so will I. :)

kootoo: Pls don't pity Polly. Polly is never "poor", cos she takes out her rage on the other cats and me! For a kitty with stunted growth she is DAMN good at fighting! :D

5CS: "Share your nudity - it is a precious gift of love". Yep I think that's probably on my love fortune cookie! ;D

cat_aunty: Let's set up a kitty trauma survivor group. I think a lot of people might actually benefit from this. ;)
I feel better today than yesterday about Tango. Thanks CatDonna. Peeping Pip! Haha.
Oh Polly, you are a fighter. All of us are fighters. No humans or dogs will take us alive.

Pip is so ninja. Can teach me?

Meow, Chang Chang

My eyes! My eyes!

It's fun climbing to the top of the shower. I like to watch the water come out of the shower head.

The stupid woman thinks I do it to stare at her! She's a nut! I mean, occasionally I sneak a pitying glance at her cos furless animals are so pathetic.


Ohh Kootoo, I shouldn't have stared so intensely! Can't help you Chang Chang, blind ninjas are not very good!

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