Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Prank is Better Than Yours


Or, Yet Another Suggestion Re: How To Annoy the Heck Out of The Humans.

I know the woman's been bragging about how well she cooks cat food and all that. Well, we figured since she's so happy about it we may as well make her EVEN HAPPIER.

So this morning, the woman woke up to the glorious cacophony of Cats Complaining about the Empty Food Bowl.

She got up happily enough, and went to the kitchen to pour out the biscuits.

None of us touched the stuff. Not even Teddy [they were warned beforehand by the I.]

No, we just kept circling her like little furry sharks around a sleepy whale. [No reference to her size, I mean. Absolutely none at all. Ha ha ha!!!]

Then on my cue, we started WHINING. Myself especially loud and leading the chorus:

"NO woman, woman you're not doing your job right, we're not eating lousy biscuits, THE RICE, where is THE RICE, C'MON!!!!!"

That was when she screamed in irritation and went to bang her head against the wall. Mission accomplished!

[Of course we'll eat the biscuits later. Just not when she's looking.]

Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! It was SO FUNNY!!!!!!!

Pipperina "Punk'd" Princess: Portrait of a Pussycat's Pleasure

So funny that I just had to post the pic of me laughing. Again!!!

I now invite all my kitty comrades to plan, implement and share your pranks with us. We need to build a library of this stuff. Word.

"Punk'd" Pip

Dear Pip,

You have mighty fine fangs. Looking great.

Meow, Kim Kim

Thanks for this, I needed to laugh.

Erm Pip your paw was up some cat's a** is it?

Anyway, greta job in befuddling the humans. But don't blame me if she makes all of you into furry handbags! Mwahahaha.
kxbc: Thx Kim Kim, and you're beautiful too. *vain air kissing* Share your pranks with us? Am sure you will do us cats proud!

PNS: All hail the blog comrades who have just joined us! We look forward to reading your posts and hopefully, hearing about successful adoptions soon!

cat_aunty: You! Naughty! Human! How dare you threaten us with handbagging and worse, insinuate that I was up to some strange business with another cat's butt! Hmph!!!

I only scratch MY butt like that, okay!

Good stuff Pip!

Keep it up & maybe the woman will buy you a big cat condo & a lifetime supply of rice!!!

Heh, thanks for the welcome. Now I'm just glad I didn' name the blog kibblesNswill =P

cat: Big cat condo good! Rice and meat and veg, very good! Personal slave to clean condo and cook food, BEST!!! *mrowr*

PNS: KibbleNswill?!?!?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!! What a cool name. That could be a cat food blog. Heh!

Gee, I'm feeling hungry again.

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