Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Fight Club Blanket Party: A Report

We'd been waiting a long time for our turn to have fun, and we found it tonight. You see, the man and the woman decided to change their bedsheets.

One thing you may like to know is that Pip LOVES to go under the bedsheets, blankets, whatever. So long as you place a cloth thingy over another thingy and you ask Pip to sleep there, we bet you five biscuits she'll go burrowing under IMMEDIATELY, like a stupid rabbit or weasel [which we call her behind her back, btw].

She says it's because she needs to go "undercover" as Inspector Pip or something, but we really know it's because she's a baby and a suck-up and a scaredy cat.

So the humans made their bed and found Pip under the bedsheets sniggering quietly to herself, this lump in the middle of the bed.

Finally, our time to ATTACK!!!!

First we tried to get Teddy to sit on her 'cause he's the heaviest, but Teddy didn't understand why. He just kept saying "But I don't see Pip! And that's just a bump", while playing with his little stuffed bunny toy.

Sit on Pip? Where???

We decided to leave Teddy alone, or else he could get depressed and/or hysterical if we made him think too hard. So we got Chocolate to take incriminating photos with the digicam, while Doe and Polly practised their wrestling moves on Pip.

What fun! Pip was screaming and yelling and crying while Doe and Polly took turns to try out Full Body Slams,

Twisting Clawing Jumps,

and Deathly Ninja Bites.

At one point we were asked to join in, but we felt that our skills weren't quite up to it yet so we just stepped on her head a bit. That's not too difficult.

Finally the people decided we'd bullied Pip enough [but not nearly enough, there is never "enough"] and let her out. She sped out the bedroom at the speed of light to hide somewhere, yowling death threats all the way. We think she's more embarrassed than anything, actually.

Then the people put us to bed. It was all very fun. We, Lucie and Boonie, conclude this report in the way we are taught to write, in our kitten school essays on holiday trips and excursions:

"We went to bed, tired but happy".

Done by:
Lucie Luckystar & Boonie Blackbear - SECRETARIAT
JamCreamDoeNut & Polly Pocket - EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
Chocolate Tigress - PHOTOGRAPHER

[Note: We had to put Teddy's name down in the report or else he would cry. Thank goodness the ONLY WORD he can read by himself is his name. Hahaha!!!]


Wow... very WWF!

~5-Cat Style
Those are FUNNY pictures!
But less poking fun at my ginger buddy Teddy please! Or I may have to send the heavies from the Gorgeous Gingers round to defend our ginger honour...
Wahahaha. That was great fun!
You lucky cats have funnier lives than I have! *pout*

First time I see fluffy Teddy. He's got the swirling sundae pattern on his coat...lovely.
Teddy is so cute.

How come you manage to post photos last night? I was trying around that time and was still unsuccessful after half an hour.
Found your site from Psychokitty's blog. What wonderful pictures!
5CS: Hi! Haven't seen you around much recently. How are you?

Fat Eric: I've had a little talk with the kitties. They promise to be nicer to Teddy, but you know cats and their promises... ;)

cat_aunty: Hi thx! Hope you having a better week than last.

auntie p: You know, I was stuck between calling this cat Teddy or Caramel Sundae 'cos of the stripes! We decided on Ted in the end since he was a boy.

kxbc: I know, blogger is a pain! Usually I need to try several times before I get it right. I'm considering switching to Wordpress once I have the time to learn it.

Scooby, Shaggy and Scout: Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see more of you. I've seen your pics on your other blogs... love 'em! :)
CAts are just so adorable...
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