Saturday, March 04, 2006



Just woke up. Headache. Exhausted.

Exhausted after 11 hours' sleep. How weird can that be?

Long work days catching up.

Didn't help that I was at a celebratory dinner yesterday and overdid it on the celebrating.

Nope, not alcohol, I'm not 18 anymore.

Stupid chocolate fountain.

Lesson learnt. When there's a choc fountain on the premises DO NOT fill up a bowl and drink. The choc is FOR DIPPING STUFF IN NOT DRINKING. Otherwise it DOES BAD THINGS TO YOUR HEAD the next day.


There are two events I'm supposed to attend today but I can't! I can't!!!

The first is a potluck event for volunteer counsellors. I help out with the HIV+ and MS [multiple sclerosis] patients at one of our hospitals. But I can't go because I haven't prepped anything and would feel so awful being a freeloader. Hmph.

The second is the Cat Welfare Society's TNRM workshop which i can't go to because i don't even know where and when it is and don't have contact numbers to call and forgot to check the details cos i kept thinking i would do it later argh okay enough.

So so sorry everyone. This is very unlike me. I normally am very responsible about these things. *blush in shame*

Stupid. Me. Yes. I think I know already.


Will blog very soon. Just need to get the pics first. Lotsa new and fascinating things happening all of a sudden. When it rains it pours, heh? This time in a good way I hope. I like rain.

Am currently imbibing 1.5 litres of hot nettle tea. It's supposedly good for detoxing bodies that are tired, overworked, and shlepping way too much cacao bean and crap.

Mmm. I think I feel a little better now.


hey get well soon!
Hi! Thanks for your concern. :)
Yes - and don't worry, we'll have another workshop soon, or you can organise one, and we'll be happy to come!
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