Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sleeping Positions

It's said that how humans sleep reflects their personalities: which are you?

On the back: Observant and reserved
On the stomach: Strong and dominating
On the side(s): Friendly and gregarious
Curled up: Vulnerable
Sprawled out: Confident
Rolling around a lot: On the floor

I'm kidding with the last one. As with all so-called "research" and other urban legends, I find such generalisations unfair overall, but not without their grains of truth.

Although I do seem to see a pattern in how the cats sleep and how they behave when they're awake, so let's see. The following observations are based mainly on the cats' attempts to join me in bed when I'm too tired to shake them off... they sure know where the good spots are...

Since he was a little bottle-sucking infant, Doe has always wriggled his way onto my pillow so he slept next to my neck. Now he's a large young cat and he's still sharing my pillow, except he takes about two-thirds of it while squashing liberal amounts of furry behind onto my face and purring loudly like an old coffee grinder. I think it's partly a snuggle instinct to get to the mother cat's warmest bits, and partly an alpha male declaration of superiority over the other kitties. He's egoistic like that. Men.

When Polly first came as a six-week-old orphan, she used to huddle into my hair while I slept; sometimes she even tried to burrow under me for protection. But after she settled in, her confidence grew and Polly's Bad Attitude emerged. For a while she rebelled, preferring to sleep on the dining chairs and swoop down on unsuspecting kittens that walked by; but now she's much better and curls up at our feet or sides.

Chocolate used to hide in strange places just to sleep; she was that badly bullied at first. But she's a gentle dear girl and now she joins the rest on our bed... except for one lovingly odd habit: she absolutely adores sleeping in between our legs. Which gave a bit of a jolt at first when I woke up and WHATTHEHELLAWAYFROM MEHEEELLLPP.

Teddy is clearly a submissive in the greater kitty order of things. He sleeps at the foot of the bed. He does have a quiet defiance to him, though. There have been times I caught him surreptitiously sleeping with his head on my pillow. That's baiting Doe for you.

Lucie and Boonie are too excited to sleep very much on the bed. They're three months old and at the hyperactive goon stage, so they generally romp around and wake me up. Will be posting more pics of them soon; they're still up for adoption!


CatDonna aka The Woman

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