Friday, January 20, 2006


Not the cats, fortunately. Only me [or as Pip would say, only the I]. It turns out the previous mornings of waking up breathless and nauseated were caused by a severe sinus reaction to a slight bout of flu earlier in the week; and not, as I'd thought, simply in my imagination.

So here I sit at the computer with Pip asleep on my lap. She barely stirs, even when I shift my butt, stretch my legs or laugh out loud at downloaded episodes of South Park. If only my afternoons could always be this blissfully relaxed... ah, the wonders of medical leave.

Eh, what?


The potential adopters came yesterday for prospective-kitten-viewing. I'm glad they seemed to like Lucie and Boonie. The kittens were their usual playful selves and charmed us all [not surprisingly].

What did surprise me though, was Chocolate's inexplicable behaviour. For the first time, she came out of the kitchen to greet the visitors, and even sat on one of their laps voluntarily. I've kept her for almost six months and she'd never done that before, certainly not with me. Although I've noticed her cuddling up to the husband while he was working. Hmmm. Quite possibly, the lady is a tramp.



We loaded a wash and I think there are jeans involved this time. The metal buttons went clink clank quite loudly as the washing machine started.

Boonie panicked and ran squealing aaiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! into the study, and had to be picked up and comforted.

Lucie remained placid throughout. But I think I caught a contemptuous glint in her deep, golden eyes. Ha, stupid brother.

His adopters are going to have so much fun.

The silly one...

... And his sister the calm one


Hi fellow-foster! :D

Your kitties are gorgeous! Reading about yours makes me miss all of mine.

Isn't it fun observing and figuring out all the different personalities?

~5-Cat Style
Your blog really cracks me up! And Pip really reminds me of Spencer...
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