Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Cannot Make It as a Fashion Photographer

First, some little stories.

Lucie [it has been confirmed] has discovered a new storage space for her toy hedgehog: the water bowl.

He's drying off in the sun now. Sigh. How to tell Lucie that hedgehogs cannot swim?


Good news! Pip has gone off her heat now, and the house is remarkably peaceful.

Unfortunately, now it's Chocolate's turn.

*counting down the days until I can afford to get them sterilised*


Now onto the real story for today! For years, I'd turned up my nose at those selfish, shallow pet owners who force their poor companions into the humiliation of wearing pet clothing. How cruel, I used to pronounce pompously, I shall never debase the natural furred/feathered/scaled glory of my dear animal friends, I mean can't you see the subtle abuse?!

Then last week I went to my regular pet needs supplier at East Coast and she just happened to be displaying the cutest pet clothes ever. Just in time for the Chinese New Year you see.

And when I woke up from my retail frenzy I realised I now owned:
Yes, it was one of those "WTH" moments in my life, up there with the time I ate a heaped tablespoon of wasabi on a dare or the time I dated a swimmer-model for two weeks just 'cos he was drop-dead gorgeous, even after it became painfully obvious that he was dropped on his head as a child... oh dang too much information shutupshutupshutUP.

Ahem. Photos!

Cheongsam Choc says Happy New Year

Boonie models the latest line of funky, slightly gay-looking Mickey Mouse tops

"Daddy, I don't like that woman with the camera"

No one has called the Ginger Samurai a eunuch to his face, and lived to tell the tale

Bitter ever since Mr. Gyllenhaal's lawyers served her the restraining order, Pip scorns all festivities

Then after the photoshoot, the cats cracked.

Minutes after posing in his little kimono, Teddy turned and ran for the hills. Terrified at this new satin cat's sudden movement, Lucie freaked; somehow she landed on my leg and scratched me quite badly. Meanwhile, Pip and Polly were chasing Teddy round the dining table. Doe was so excited he vomited on the floor. Choc was seducing the carpet too much to care and Boonie was crying for his top to be taken off.

Now you know why I cannot make it as a fashion photographer. I can't seem to keep my models happy.


I agree not to subject the animals to silly costumes, but your cats looked so cuuute!
Boonie cracks me up in that super-tight top!
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